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Assalam-O-Alaikum Wa-Rehmatullahe-Wa-Barakatohu.

Translation: Peace be upon you all, and the mercies and blessings of God be upon you.

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Nice to see you here. I am Kamran Ali from Pakistan. I am a graphic designer and run my own business where I provide photo editing and printing services. I also love blogging and affiliate marketing. I have been working online since 2012. I love to read and like gain knowledge by reading books and also want to share information about useful books with other readers.

I love my country and want to give the world a positive impression of the country through my honest online work. If I work sincerely with 100% honesty, then it will not only be beneficial for me but also good for my country.

The purpose of making this website is to provide book reviews and share information about useful books with our users. I am a book lover. Reading books is my hobby, and I enjoy reading when I get some time. We are a group of friends who love reading and always share our books with each other, after reading we arrange a get-together and discuss that book. We have read a lot of interesting and full of information books. Now through this website, we will regularly post book summaries, reviews, club questions, and other information.

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