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All Good People Here Book Club Questions

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Explore the exciting world of Ashley Flowers‘ debut novel, “All Good People Here.” A tale of small-town secrets, a haunting pursuit of purpose, and the echoes of a chilling murder. Alternating between 2019 and 1994, Margot Davis, as a determined reporter, uncovers the mystery of the disappearance of Natalie Clark and the cold case of her childhood friend, January Jacobs. In this blog post, we present thought-provoking book club questions, divided into sections to discuss the complex plot of “All Good People Here.” Join us as we dissect the narrative, characters, and themes that make this novel a compelling read.

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Book Club Discussion Questions for All Good People Here

Ashley Flowers' All Good People Here Book Club Questions
All Good People Here Book Club Questions

Setting the Stage

Q. How does the small-town setting of Wakarusa contribute to the atmosphere of the story? How does this setting impact the characters’ actions and decisions?

Q. In 1994, Krissy Jacobs faced the disappearance of her daughter January. How does the portrayal of the town’s reaction to January’s disappearance reflect the community dynamics in Wakarusa?

Q. Explore the impact of Margot’s return to Wakarusa in 2019. How does the town’s renewed interest in the cold case affect her personally and professionally?

Unraveling the Mystery

Q. Margot experiences survivor’s guilt over January’s death. How does this guilt drive her actions and decisions throughout the novel?

Q. Investigate the consequences of Margot’s obsession with January’s case, leading to her job loss. How does this reflect the societal pressures and expectations placed on individuals in small communities?

Q. As Margot delves into the investigation, she encounters bias against Krissy Jacobs. Discuss how societal perceptions of mothers, especially in the context of crime, influence the narrative.

Family Secrets and Betrayals

Q. Krissy Jacobs conceals a dark secret about January’s death. How does her struggle with mourning, guilt, and the weight of societal judgment shape her character?

Q. Analyze the impact of the disastrous TV interview on the Jacobs family’s fate. How does media portrayal contribute to public opinion, and what are the consequences for Krissy and Jace?

Q. Examine the dynamics between Krissy, Jace, and Billy Jacobs. How do the family dynamics contribute to the unfolding tragedy? What role does societal judgment play in their downfall?

The Hunt for Justice

Q. Explore Jace’s recollections of January and the presence of Elephant Wallace in their childhood. How do these memories shape the perception of Jace as a character?

Q. Margot faces challenges in her pursuit of justice, from ominous messages to a mysterious figure following her. How do these elements contribute to the suspense and tension in the narrative?

Q. Investigate the role of Elliott Wallace in the unfolding mystery. How does Margot’s discovery of evidence in his storage unit contribute to the resolution of the case?

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Dark Family Secrets

Q. Margot’s fears turn towards her uncle Luke as a potential suspect. How does the revelation about Luke’s possible involvement in the crimes impact the overall narrative?

Q. Analyze the discovery of January’s old dance programs and the photograph featuring Luke. How does this revelation change Margot’s understanding of her uncle?

Q. Discuss the implications of Jodie’s revelation about Luke being the twins’ father. How does this twist impact the dynamics between characters and the overall resolution of the story?

The Climax and Revelation

Q. Delve into the climax where Margot and Jodie uncover evidence in Elliott Wallace’s storage unit. How does this moment build suspense? How does it contribute to the resolution of the story?

Q. Margot decides not to reveal the truth about the twins’ parentage to Billy Jacobs. Explore the ethical implications of this decision and its impact on the characters involved.

The Shocking Twist

Q. Reflect on the shocking revelation in the climax where Billy confesses to the murders. How does this twist alter the reader’s perception of the characters and events leading up to this point?

Q. Analyze Billy’s motivations and actions leading to January’s death. How does his character reflect broader themes of deception, guilt, and the consequences of hidden truths?

The Epilogue and Final Reflection

Q. In the epilogue, Billy’s backstory is revealed. Discuss the impact of this revelation on the overall narrative, and how does it shape the reader’s understanding of the characters and events in the novel?

Bonus: Some funny Discussion Questions for ‘All Good People Here’

Just for fun, we have also included some funny questions about the book. Fill your book club meeting with laughter with these funny questions.

The Town’s Gossip Mill:

Q. If Wakarusa had a town gossip Olympics, who would win the gold medal, and what scandalous event would they be crowned for?

Margot’s Detective Skills:

Q. If Margot’s investigative technique were a dance move, what would it be called, and can you demonstrate it right now? Bonus points for creativity and flair!

Krissy’s Kitchen Wall Poetry Slam:

Q. If you had to graffiti a kitchen wall with a quirky message like in Krissy’s house, what would your message be? Extra points if it’s hilarious and makes no sense!

Jace’s Imaginary Friend Revival:

Q. If you were to create an imaginary friend for Jace in the 90s, what would be their name, and what wild adventures would they have with Elephant Wallace?

Billy Jacobs’ Basement Surprise Party:

Q. If Billy decided to throw a surprise party in his basement (minus the murder, of course), what kind of entertainment and snacks would he organize? Any themed decorations?

All Good People Here book club questions – Conclusion:

“All Good People Here” takes readers on a roller coaster of emotions. It explores the complexities of family, small-town dynamics, and the pursuit of justice. As we unravel the layers of the narrative, we encounter moral dilemmas, social judgments, and the deeper implications of hidden truths. Join the conversation and share your insights into this gripping tale of mystery and suspense. What are your thoughts on the characters, the plot twists, and the final resolution of the story? Let the “All Good People Here” book club discussion begin!

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