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Sparking Discussion: Explore Atomic Habits in Your Book Club

Are you looking for the Atomic Habits book discussion guide or questions for your book club? Stop here you are in the right place. Read this full article. This guide will provide great questions for your book club to fuel a great chat.

When it comes to setting goals, many people make common mistakes. And their efforts destroy. Sometimes these mistakes are simply due to a lack of understanding. They do not know how they can set effective goals. But often they’re the result of behaviors and attitudes that work against us.

The Atomic Habits Book Club Questions
The Atomic Habits book club questions and complete discussion guide

The Atomic Habits book by James Clear is all about forming better habits. The habits that can help you be more productive, healthy, and happy. In this book, James Clear provides a framework for creating lasting change in our lives. He teaches us how to break down habits into manageable parts.

The book has become an instant hit, with tens of thousands of copies sold in the last few months. It has also received hundreds of reviews across Amazon and Goodreads. It is filled with great insight on how to live a more fulfilling life. But what if you want to discuss the book with other readers?

If you’re an avid reader, you might want to discuss this latest self-help trend. And you might be considering starting your book club. This guide will help you get one going in your neighborhood or community.

In this post, we will go over the discussion questions from the Atomic Habits book for your book club. So that you can start applying them to your own life. But before this, we will provide you with a synopsis of this wonderful book.

The synopsis

Atomic Habits book starts with a simple but strong question: How can we live better? We often think that to change our lives we have to think about making big changes. Nothing is further from reality.

We know that good habits allow us to improve our lives. But we often get sidetracked. We stop exercising, we eat bad food, we sleep little, and we waste money. Why is it so easy to fall into bad habits and hard to follow good ones?

The famous habit expert James Clear says hundreds of small decisions lead to real change. He gives us fantastic ideas based on scientific research. These ideas allow us to show how we can change our small everyday habits to improve our lives. Do two push-ups a day, get up five minutes earlier, or make a short phone call. Clear calls these decisions “atomic habits”: as small as a particle, but as powerful as a tsunami.

This guide uncovers the hidden forces that shape our behavior. From our mindsets to the environment to genetics. It shows us exactly how these tiny changes can grow to change our careers and our relationships. And they can even replace everything in the aspects of our lives.

After reading this book, you will have a simple method. You will be able to develop an effective system that will lead to success.

Learn how to give yourself time to develop new habits. Overcome a lack of motivation and willpower. Design an environment so that success is easy to achieve. Get back on track when you’ve strayed a little.

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The Atomic Habits Book Club Questions

The questions below will help you get started on your next great book club event.

The first question for your book club. Does the book cover every aspect of habit formation?

James Clear used over 500 scientific researches to create the Atomic Habits book. The book covers many of these, but not all. It’s designed to be a high-level introduction to habit formation. It also provides inspiration and advice on how you can apply some of these ideas in your own life. Atomic Habits has missed at least one key topic.

  • Do you feel that your knowledge of habit formation is complete?
  • If not, what are some topics that could be added?
  • How do you see those topics impacting your life or business?
  • What have been your biggest takeaways from reading this book?
  • What lessons have you learned that will change how you live and work moving forward?
  • Are there any habits in particular that you’re going to focus on changing as a result of reading Atomic Habits?
  • What about routines or systems? What changes can we expect to see in those areas as a result of reading Atomic Habits?
  • Is there anything else you want to share about how it’s changed your life so far (or might impact it moving forward)?

What was your favorite chapter and why?

Atomic Habits is, at its core, a book about change. It may seem obvious because the habit is something you do again and again. But, it’s important to realize that habits are actually controlled by your mind. You have some level of agency over whether you repeat something or not.

What do Atomic Habits teach us and what do we know from science? The answer is that there are ways to use your mind. You can reshape your habits in any direction you choose. For example, losing weight, getting better sleep, or saving more money.

How would you redesign the Habit Challenge if you were going to do it again?

For me, Atomic Habits has been a great conversation starter. It’s helped me start several habits that I’ve stuck with (like doing yoga daily). And it’s inspired me to change my routine in other ways as well. I have a strange feeling. And that is if the author recreated it today, people would be even more eager to make changes for themselves.

In that case, what would you change about your habit challenge if you were going to do it again? How could you improve upon what worked last time? Would you keep some things the same? If so, why? And what would change?

What were some surprising habits you learned about while reading this book?

What did you learn about habits that were entirely new for you? You must have learned a lot from this book. What one piece of advice would you give your younger self based on what you’ve learned from Atomic Habits?

What are some more unbreakable rules for building good habits and breaking bad ones? The rules that weren’t mentioned in the Atomic Habits book still might be valuable to think about. How will each of these rules inform your future behavior?

This is an important question for your Atomic Habits book club. Do any of these habits surprise you as not being atomic?

I’ve long been an advocate of what I refer to as atomic habits. For years, I collected routines and strategies from many other famous self-help books. The routines of physical fitness, business strategy, and many others. I never had a hard time finding detailed advice on how to improve myself.

I’m sure there are some habits you’re shocked to see that aren’t atomic. For example, almost no one would deny that setting goals is important to success. But it turns out that it isn’t atomic. However, I do think of goals as a much more granular execution of keystone habits.

  • Looking through your list, what do you think is missing?
  • What else should be on here?
  • What are things people assume are atomic habits but aren’t?

Let me know in the comments section.

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Are there habits that I should implement in my life?

Before starting your book club discussion, ask your group a few questions. The questions will help you get to know each other a little better. Consider asking each person what their favorite habit is. And if they are looking to implement new habits into their lives. Depending on how large your group is, try assigning everyone one or two habits.

These habits should be from Atomic Habits that you can all focus on during your meeting. For example, if one’s favorite habit is to finish his most important task first thing in the morning. Then ask everyone to read Chapter 4 together. The chapter on putting your alarm clock across the room. And ask them to discuss why this is an effective way to tackle our top priorities every day.

Have there been any major shifts in your life since starting to read this book?

Share how you’ve grown and changed as a result of your reading.

  • What parts of Atomic Habits resonated with you?
  • What parts didn’t resonate with you?
  • What did you like about it and what did you not like about it?
  • Which aspects stood out to you and which seemed less important to you?
  • Which insights surprised or impressed you? Why?
  • If people liked The Power of Habit, they’ll love Atomic Habits. Now that they have a new way of thinking about habits at their disposal. What are some good questions for those readers to discuss in their book clubs?

How does this book compare with other books on habit formation (e.g., The Power of Habit, etc.)?

What is my favorite thing about The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg? That is it provides a helpful framework for understanding why we do what we do. That’s what made me excited to read Atomic Habits by James Clear. Because I was hoping he would explain why habits exist.

And then use that knowledge to provide a framework that anyone could use to create his habits. I am happy, he delivered. What’s great about Atomic Habits is that it goes beyond explaining why we do what we do. It gives you some actionable strategies. That you can use to make lasting changes in your life.

Why does Clear use stories so much in his chapters? Is it effective or distracting from the main point?

There’s a time and place for stories in nonfiction. According to Clear, one of his most important goals, when he writes a book, is to give people new tools. And also show them how to use these tools. But he also wants readers to relate those tools to their own lives.

Stories are one of our best methods of achieving that goal because they humanize things. If he tells the facts to his readers, his advice will be cut off from the reader’s real-life struggles. That said, there will be many occasions where your audience wants data instead of stories.

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On the whole, what is your favorite section/chapter? And why did it resonate so much with you?

  • Which section would you have liked to see more of, and why?
  • What was your favorite quote?
  • Who is your favorite character and why?
  • Who were you most surprised by either positively or negatively?
  • Have you tried any of James Clare’s habits or advice? What has been your experience with them?
  • Which habit do you think will help someone improve his life immediately and why?
  • Do you think that one day, we will all be talking about the Atomic Age in our history classes? So we may say that when humans became exceptional in their use of willpower and discipline.

The Atomic Habits book club questions: Final words

We have created this guide to help people have healthy talks. It will also help your club members. They can have an engaging and relevant debate on these questions. We hope you have found these Atomic Habits book club questions useful. This discussion guide will help you get the most out of the book.

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