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10 Books Like 4th Wing With Dragons And Romance

Do you like the writings of Rebecca Yarros? If yes, then you might be looking for more books like 4th Wing that take you into the world of dragons, romance, and fantasy. The Empyrean series begins with Fourth Wing, which tells the story of Violet Sorrengail. She is a young woman with a chronic disease who is forced to enroll in a military college for dragon riders. She has to face terrible challenges, bond with a dragon, and discover a dark truth that might change her kingdom’s future.

Fourth Wing is an engrossing and thrilling novel that has become popular these days. Its characters, worldbuilding, and “sexy dark academia aesthetic” have all received accolades. On BookTok, the bookish side of TikTok, it has also gained an avid following.

But what if you’ve already read Fourth Wing and are looking forward to Iron Flame, the follow-up, which comes out in November 2023? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we are recommending these 10 books similar to 4th Wing that you can read next. These novels include much of the same themes as Fourth Wing, including magic schools, dragon riders, romantic relationships between foes, and protagonists with dubious morals. This list has something for everyone, whether your preference is for more romance, action, or mystery.

List of 10 Best Books Like 4th Wing with Romance and Dragons

  1. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas
  2. Eragon by Christopher Paolini
  3. Fireborne by Rosaria Munda
  4. The Bridge Kingdom by Danielle L. Jensen
  5. A Promise of Fire by Amanda Bouchet
  6. The Priory of the Orange Tree by Samantha Shannon
  7. Serpent & Dove by Shelby Mahurin
  8. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
  9. Seraphina by Rachel Hartman
  10. The Bone Shard Daughter by Andrea Stewart

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Details of the books similar to Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros

Book No. 1:

Books Like 4th Wing

Book description

A Court of Thorns and Roses is the first book in a popular fantasy romance series by Sarah J. Maas. It follows Feyre, a human huntress who kills a wolf in the woods and is taken captive by a faerie lord named Tamlin. She quickly learns that he is not the beast she had assumed him to be. And that there is a bigger danger that threatens his domain. As she falls in love with Tamlin, she must also face a dangerous trial that could cost her everything.

For lovers of Fourth Wing who enjoy fantasy and romance together, A Court of Thorns and Roses is a great read. Along with a strong heroine, a gloomy love interest, and a rich and fascinating universe, it has a similar spirit and tone. Some more bends and twists will keep you engaged to the finish.

Book No. 2:

Book recommendations after Fourth Wing

Book description

Eragon is the first book in The Inheritance Cycle, a classic young adult fantasy series by Christopher Paolini. It tells the story of Eragon. He is a farm boy who finds a mysterious blue stone in the forest. He soon learns that it is a dragon egg. And that he is destined to be a dragon rider. Along with his dragon, Saphira, he embarks on a quest to defeat the evil king Galbatorix and his army of dark creatures.

For those who like stories about dragons and dragon riders, Eragon is a must-read. It has a dragon rider training academy in addition to a similar setting and story to the 4th Wing. It also looks at themes like fate, friendship, and loyalty.

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Book No. 3:

Recommended Dragon fantasy reads

Book description

Fireborne is the first book in The Aurelian Cycle. It is a young adult fantasy series by Rosaria Munda. It follows Annie and Lee who are two orphans. They survived a bloody revolution that overthrew the dragonborn aristocracy. They are now part of the new regime’s dragon-riding fleet, competing for the top position. But when a war breaks out and they have to decide between their love and their devotion, their friendship is put to the test.

For those who enjoy Fourth Wing-style novels combining politics, conflict, and dragons, Fireborne is a fantastic choice. Its foundation and theme are identical, and its lovers-enemies relationship is captivating. In addition, the narrative moves quickly and is full of action, and the cast of characters is wide and deep.

Book No. 4:

Books to read after 4th Wing

Book description

Danielle L. Jensen’s fantasy romance series The Bridge Kingdom begins with the novel The Bridge Kingdom. It centers on Lara, a princess with assassination and spy skills. She is ordered to wed the ruler of the opposing country, Bridge Kingdom, which rules an important trading route. Her task is to sneak in and destroy his kingdom. She quickly learns, though, that he is not the enemy she thought of and that their two empires are facing a greater threat.

For readers of Fourth Wing who enjoy romantic, betrayal, and espionage novels, The Bridge Kingdom is a great option. Along with a strong and intelligent heroine, a crafty and endearing hero, and a breathtaking and immersive world, it has a similar narrative and tone. It also features a few sultry, heart-pounding situations that will make you swoon.

Book No. 5:

Reading list after Fourth Wing

Book description

The first book in Amanda Bouchet’s fantasy romance series The Kingmaker Chronicles is titled A Promise of Fire. It centers on Cat, a strong, enigmatic lady with magical senses. Griffin, a warlord, kidnaps her with the intention of using her skills to bring all the kingdoms under his control. She tries to ignore his allure and interest, but she gets drawn to him and his family. She does, however, also hold a dark secret that may endanger them all.

For readers who like magic, adventure, and romance, A Promise of Fire is a great choice, especially if they are Fourth Wing fans. Along with a witty and tough heroine, a protective and devoted hero, and a lively and magical universe, it has a similar spirit and genre. It also features some hot and passionate moments as well as some clever and funny banter.

More books like 4th Wing

Book No. 6:

Books having Dragon fantasy

Book description

The Priory of the Orange Tree is a standalone epic fantasy novel by Samantha Shannon. It tells the story from 4 different perspectives in a world that is divided by religion, politics, and dragons.

In the East, a dragon rider named Tané prepares for a ceremony that will change her life. While in the West, a queen named Sabran faces an assassination attempt and a prophecy that threatens her lineage.

In the South, a spy named Ead protects Sabran with forbidden magic. And a doctor called Niclays is working to find a treatment for an awful plague in the North. Their fates will collide as an ancient evil that has been hidden will rise from the depths.

For Fourth Wing readers who enjoy complicated, diverse, and epic stories, The Priory of the Orange Tree is a great option. With its big and varied cast of characters, a rich and detailed universe, and an engaging and complex storyline, it shares a similar aspect with dragons. In addition, it also has some LGBTQ+ romance and representation, as well as feminist and environmental themes.

Book No. 7:

Books having same themes as 4th Wing

Book description

Serpent & Dove is the first book in the Serpent & Dove series. It is a young adult fantasy series by Shelby Mahurin. It follows Lou, a witch who is on the run from her coven. She is forced to marry Reid, a witch hunter who is sworn to kill her kind. Although they make an effort to keep their secrets from one another, their relationship quickly becomes more complicated. In addition, a conflict between the church and the witches is growing that they must deal with.

Serpent & Dove is a perfect choice for fans of Fourth Wing. We recommend it to readers who love stories that have a dark and gritty atmosphere, a forbidden and enemies-to-lovers romance, and a twisty and suspenseful plot. It has a similar tone and genre. You will see a witty and rebellious heroine, a strict and honorable hero, and a fascinating and dangerous world.

Book No. 8:

Books similar to 4th Wing

Book description

The Name of the Wind is the first book in The Kingkiller Chronicle, a fantasy series by Patrick Rothfuss. It follows Kvothe, a legendary figure who is known as a hero, a villain, a musician, a magician, and a killer. He reveals to a chronicler how he grew to be the most powerful and notorious man in the world by telling the narrative of his life. He talks of growing up as a traveling showman, attending a famous magic school, having mishaps and adventures, and pursuing love and revenge.

Fans of Fourth Wing will like The Name of the Wind because of its lyrical and compelling language, its dark and immersive setting, and its multifaceted and flawed protagonist. It also has a magic system with a logical, scientific foundation, with a touch of dragons.

Book No. 9:

Recommended books about Dragons

Book description

The young adult fantasy Seraphina series begins with the book Seraphina, which takes place in a world where humans and dragons live in uneasy harmony. The narrative centers on Seraphina, a talented musician with a risky secret: she is half-dragon, half-human. Seraphina and Lucian, the prince, become engaged in the inquiry after a member of the royal family is killed. They conceal their affection for one another while working together to stop a war from breaking out.

Seraphina is a novel for Fourth Wing lovers who enjoy the story’s forbidden romance, mystery, and musical and artistic aspects. A fascinating depiction of dragons, who can adopt human form and have their own society and logic, is also presented.

Book No. 10:

Recommended books for Dragon fantasy readers

Book description

The first novel in the adult fantasy Drowning Empire series, which draws inspiration from Asian cultures and mythology, is The Bone Shard Daughter. It has several characters:

1. Lin, the daughter of the emperor uses bone shard magic to govern an archipelago. 2. Jovis, a smuggler who is trying to find his missing wife. 3. Phalue, a governor’s daughter who is unaware of her people’s oppression. 4. A renegade named Ranami who seeks to topple the empire. Along the way, they discover mysteries and run against perils that might completely alter their world.

Fans of Fourth Wing who value the complex and varied world-building, the many points of view, and the political intrigue of the narrative will enjoy reading The Bone Shard Daughter. It also includes an unusual and eerie magic system that involves carving commands into animal bones and implanting them into constructs.

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Fourth Wing is a captivating fantasy novel that features dragons, magic, and adventure. If you enjoyed reading it, you might want to check out some of the books like Fourth Wing that we have listed above in this article. These books not only offer similar themes, settings, and characters, but they also have their own unique twists and surprises. Whether you’re searching for more epic wars, gripping mysteries, or touching romances, these ten novels have plenty to offer everyone’s tastes. So, what are you waiting for? Grab one of these books and immerse yourself in a magical and dragon-filled world.

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