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Does It Hurt? Book Trigger Warnings – Synopsis

“Does It Hurt?” by H.D. Carlton contains several triggering situations. Read a synopsis and Does It Hurt? book trigger warnings here.

Synopsis of “Does It Hurt?” by H.D. Carlton:

Does It Hurt?” is a gripping enemies-to-lovers romance. It explores desire, peril, and the fight to survive against inner demons as well as external foes.

The main character, whose identity has faded throughout time, fled a horrific past with just the clothing on her back and some shoes she had stolen. She meets Enzo Vitale, a mysterious man who only loves the deep sea and its predators. Seeking vengeance for her crime, Enzo entices her onto his boat. But they find themselves stranded due to an unexpected storm.

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They get more tense as they seek shelter in a decrepit lighthouse. As Enzo’s intentions become more apparent, the girl struggles to survive. The main theme centers on Sawyer as the victim and Enzo as the shark, the predator. With Enzo’s support, she battles to recapture the life she had denied herself because of a troubling past and finds her inner predator.

Does It Hurt? book trigger warnings

Does It Hurt Book Trigger Warnings

Please approach this book with caution, as it contains intense and dark themes. If any of these topics are triggering for you, consider reading with care.

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