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Exploring ‘First Lie Wins’: Book Club Discussion Questions

Welcome to our discussion post on Ashley Elston’s book “First Lie Wins”! If you are part of a book club or you love reading thrillers then this post is for you. In this post, we have brought you some thought-provoking questions that will give you an engaging conversation about the book.

In “First Lie Wins”, we meet Evie Porter, a con artist caught in a web of deceit and intrigue. Our discussion questions will unpack the themes of identity, trust, and redemption woven throughout the pages of this gripping psychological thriller. So keep reading and discover more about “First Lie Wins” with our book club questions!

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Book detail

Book TitleFirst Lie Wins
Author NameAshley Elston
Publication DateJanuary 2, 2024
Length340 pages, Hardcover
GenresAdult, Fiction, Mystery, Suspense, Thriller

Discussion questions

First Lie Wins Book Club Questions
First Lie Wins Book Club Questions

1. How does Evie, also known as Lucca Marino, feel about her job working for Mr. Smith? Do you think she enjoys it?

2. What do you think motivates Evie to accept risky jobs like infiltrating Ryan Sumner’s life for Mr. Smith?

3. Why do you think Evie creates such a fast and intense romantic relationship with Ryan Sumner?

4. How does Evie react when she discovers another woman claiming to be Lucca Marino? Why do you think this surprises her?

5. What do Evie’s actions, like prying into Ryan’s business, reveal about her character and her concerns?

6. How does Evie’s relationship with her lawyer, Rachel, affect the unfolding events in the story?

7. What role do you think identity plays in Evie’s life, especially considering her various aliases and the constant need for deception?

8. Discuss the significance of the interludes in the story. How do they contribute to your understanding of Evie’s character and her past?

9. Why do you think Evie decides to confront Mr. Smith after being arrested for Amy Holder’s death?

10. How does Evie’s plan to trap Mr. Smith in Atlanta reflect her intelligence and resourcefulness?

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11. Do you think Evie’s decision to settle down with Ryan at the end of the story is a wise one? Why or why not?

12. What do you think Evie learns about trust and loyalty throughout the novel?

13. How does the theme of redemption manifest in Evie’s journey, especially considering her past as a con artist?

14. Discuss the role of secrets in Evie and Ryan’s relationship. How do they navigate honesty and deceit?

15. How does the portrayal of Evie as a female con artist challenge traditional gender roles and expectations?

16. Why do you think Evie decides to take over Mr. Smith’s persona at the end of the story?

17. How does the theme of power dynamics play out in Evie’s interactions with Mr. Smith, Ryan, and other characters?

18. What do you think the author is trying to say about morality and ethics through Evie’s experiences?

19. How does the setting of the story, particularly the contrast between Evie’s different aliases and lifestyles, contribute to the narrative?

20. In what ways does the ending of the novel leave room for interpretation or speculation about Evie’s future?

Some of the best quotes from the book

“There’s an old saying: The first lie wins. It’s not referring to the little white kind that tumble out with no thought; it refers to the big one. The one that changes the game. The one that is deliberate. The lie that sets the stage for everything that comes after it. And once the lie is told, it’s what most people believe to be true. The first lie has to be the strongest. The most important. The one that has to be told.”
― Ashley Elston, First Lie Wins

“I was your best asset and we both know it. You know nothing about disappointments.”
― Ashley Elston, First Lie Wins

“Mama always said to be successful in life you need to do three things: learn everything you can, try your hardest, and be the best at what you do.”
― Ashley Elston, First Lie Wins

About the Author

First Lie Wins Author
First Lie Wins Author

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