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It Ends With Us Book Club Questions To Discuss

It Ends With Us is a very special book, and it became a top 1 for many Colleen Hoover fans. The story is full of emotion that will give you plenty to discuss at your club meeting. The book club questions for It Ends With Us that we have arranged for your convenience will surely be of great help to you.

In this novel by author Colleen Hoover, you will find a story of abuse, jealousy, and family trauma. The author’s writing style, the feeling she puts into it, and the plot itself, are simply phenomenal. There are parts of humor and endless feelings, but I won’t lie, it’s a sad story and a bit difficult.

Although the story seems predictable, it has some unexpected twists that make It Ends With Us very addictive. So the pages turn automatically, without you even realizing it, leaving you wanting more.

It Ends With Us book synopsis

The novel is about a girl, Lily, who did not have a happy childhood because her father mistreated her mother. Lily Bloom is a young college graduate. She moves to Boston where she starts her own flower business. She meets Ryle Kincaid, a surgeon, and develops feelings for him. Ryle is reluctant at first, but later their relationship grows.

Meanwhile, Lily suddenly encounters Atlas Corrigan who turns her feelings upside down as he is her first love. Reuniting with Atlas takes a toll on Lily and Ryle’s relationship. Ryle also hurts Lily like her father. Lily has to go to the hospital where she finds out that she is going to be the mother of Ryle’s baby.

Now it becomes very difficult for Lily to deal with the trauma of her past and present and make decisions. Atlas helps her and also expresses his feelings for her. He is also hopeful for a relationship again. Eventually, she comes to the conclusion that she will leave Ryle for the future of her newborn child. She does not want her daughter to see her mother being abused by her father. At the end of the novel, she resumes her relationship with Atlas.

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It Ends With Us book club questions

It Ends With Us Book Club Questions To Discuss
It Ends With Us Book Club Questions To Discuss

1. How do you like the title of the book? Do you think it should have been titled something else? If you could give this book a new title, what would it be?

2. What do you think of this story’s theme that the people who love us the most also hurt us the most? Have you ever seen people in your life who prove this to be true?

3. At the end of the story Lily decides to go with Atlas, do you think Lily made the right decision? Will they both be able to live happily ever after?

4. Why do you think the author made Ryle such a likable character in the beginning?

5. A decent man who assaults and tries to rape a pregnant woman, why does the author want readers to sympathize with him?

6. Ryle had a tough past and had to go through a tough road to get to where he is. A painful accident also happened in his childhood. Was this the right justification for his bad behavior with Lily? Did he deserve sympathy?

7. Allyssa had become Lily’s best friend and knew about her brother’s mood problems. Why didn’t she inform Lily about this?

8. The theme of this novel is generational trauma. Would you like to read another book on this theme?

9. Lily’s father was abusive towards her mother which affected Lily’s future relationships. Have you seen any real-life examples of situations similar to Lily’s?

10. Lily decided to leave Ryle, would you have done the same if you were in her place?

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11. Why did Lily agree to marry Ryle despite his abuse, even though Atlas had returned? Does she not realize that despite growing up with the bad experience of her past, she may fall into the same cycle again?

12. Is it true that this is a very sad novel? There are many moments in it that make the reader want to cry. If so, at what point did you actually shed a tear?

13. Is there any scene that shocked you? And you have read it over and over again?

14. What do you think of Atlas and Lily’s relationship in high school? Why did Lily help Atlas, and still help him when people found out?

15. Lily and Ryle’s relationship progresses very quickly, and they are married in just six months. Isn’t it wrong to make quick decisions to build successful relationships? If not, why?

16. The main theme of this novel is domestic abuse. Did the author present it correctly or did you miss something?

17. Do you think the author has been able to accurately convey domestic abuse and its overall effects?

18. This story shows the good and bad effects of domestic abuse. Did you notice any aspects of it that you didn’t know before?

19. Which couple of Lily and Ryle and Lily and Atlas did you want to see together while reading the novel?

20. At the end of the novel, Lily and Atlas become one. Do you want a sequel to be written on the life of these two?

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And if you want to read more such books, we have mentioned three books below.

Three Books like “It Ends With Us”

Wish You Were Here by Renée Carlino

Wish You Were Here is a wonderful story of finding love and redemption. Its lovable characters, great humor, and unforgettable romantic scenes will captivate you. Readers will not only enjoy Charlotte’s family scenes, and Charlotte and Helen’s friendship, but they will also be eager to learn the truth about Charlotte and the mysterious Adam’s relationship.

This is such a story that you won’t be able to forget its two male characters for a long time. This is why Charlotte is at a point in her life where she is torn between two great boys.

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Love and Other Words by Christina Lauren

It is a very beautiful story based on the theme of friendship, finding your partner, and first love. The author describes its characters so well that you almost forget that you are reading fiction. Macy’s and Elliot’s relationship chemistry, heartbreak, and emotional scenes will take you to a different world.

As the story progresses, the author brilliantly intertwines the past with the present. There are laughs and tears, and you desperately want the two main characters to overcome all odds and find each other.

Buy from Amazon

Queenie by Candice Carty-Williams

The novel revolves around Queenie Jenkins, a twenty-five-year-old newspaper journalist. She is a Jamaican-British woman who lives in London. Surrounded by two cultures, she has to compare herself to her white colleagues every time. She had a white boyfriend. But a long-term relationship leads to an unpleasant breakup. After which, she wanders around looking for love in all the wrong places.

Charming, funny, and deep, this is a truly special story in which you get to read a lot about the identity of black women. Queenie explains to you what the challenges of being a modern woman are today. She explores the answers to all the questions that a modern woman faces.

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Final words

We hope these book club questions for It Ends With Us will be useful for your next meeting. Happy questioning.

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