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Book Club Questions For Klara And The Sun By Kazuo Ishiguro

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Klara and the Sun is a dystopian science fiction novel published on March 2, 2021. Have you chosen this novel for your next book club meeting? And now if you want to list some interesting and best questions then this article is for you. The author is Kazuo Ishiguro, a British Nobel Prize-winning author. You can use the questions we’ve included in this post from Klara and The Sun Book as a guide for you.

Klara and the Sun book synopsis

The themes of this book are very interesting and probing such as personality, obsolescence, love, and loneliness. The author has tried to explain the meaning of love in this book. He tells a very interesting and thrilling story and shows our changing world in his own way.

The plot is set in an unspecified future in America. The story is told from Klara’s point of view. A memorable narrator with excellent observational skills. Klara is an artificial friend that is powered by solar energy. It has its own space in the store but notes the behavior of incoming customers and passers-by. She wants some customers to choose her soon.

Josie is a sick child and has made Klara her companion. Klara loves Josie but finds it difficult to trust her family as well. Because every family has some secrets and problems. After reading it, you will start thinking about the future and the use of technology in a new way.

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Klara and the Sun book club questions

Klara and the Sun Book Club Questions
Klara and the Sun Book Discussion Questions

Book club discussions focus on what people might think about different parts of the book. For a thought-provoking and relevant discussion, we suggest the following book club questions for Klara and The Sun:

1. What would you call the relationship between Josie and Klara? What do you think is the nature of this relationship between a human and a machine? Can it be called love?

2. Do you think that the future of the world can really be like this, which the author has shown in the novel? Do you also have some kind of future concept in your mind?

3. If such technology were actually available, would you allow your child to have such an artificial friend? What good or bad effects do you think this could have?

4. Why did the author feel it necessary to tell the story in first person through an AF? Do you think the story could have been different if it had been narrated by another character?

5. In the novel, the author describes how children are “lifted” by artificial friends. What do you think it means to be lifted?

6. Sal, Josie’s sister, died of an illness when she was young. How did this incident affect the family?

7. How do you think Josie’s sister’s backstory influenced the novel? What really happened to her?

8. Can you tell what the true nature of Josie’s illness was?

9. How do you see Klara’s connection with the Sun? And what does that mean?

10. Why did Klara think that sunlight could cure Josie’s illness? In your opinion, what does the sun symbolize for Klara?

11. Josie was cured by exposure to more sunlight. Was it her father’s effort or was he making fun of Klara?

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12. As we know that Klara is a robot, did you ever think while reading the novel that she is not a machine but a human being? If you have such a robot friend at your home, do you treat it like a family member?

13. When Helen first met Klara, she didn’t know the right way to meet her. So if you happen to meet a machine like Klara, how would you go about meeting her?

14. One of the themes of this novel is loneliness. Talk about the ways in which the subject of loneliness is addressed in the narrative. How can an AF affect loneliness? Can it reduce loneliness or cause it to increase?

15. At Josie’s interaction meeting some lads wanted to fling Klara around. They wanted to see how well she can balance, then a girl said it was bad to treat an artificial friend like this. What conclusions did you get from the children’s various emotions on AFs?

16. Klara came across as a sincere and kind companion, caring for people. Did you feel love and compassion for her?

17. Discuss if things were different and if Josie’s parents followed through on their plan. Was it possible for them to accept Klara as Josie’s replacement?

18. We read in many science fiction novels that in the future AI can become independent and rebel against humans. But in this novel, the author does not seem to show such a future. What type of danger do you think he is emphasizing by spotlighting the AFs’ passive obedience?

19. How did the characters’ behavior make you feel as you read through the book? Did you notice any changes in any of the characters? And did any of them improve their lives?

20. In the novel we see that machines act as substitutes for workers. And some characters think it’s right and support it, but there are other characters who oppose it. What do you think is the reason for this difference?

21. At the end of the story the author decides that it is better for Josie to recover. Are you satisfied with this ending?

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Final words

We hope that the questions we presented in this article for the Klara and the Sun book club will be useful to you. And your group discussion will be good.

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