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Lessons in Chemistry Book Club Questions

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If you are searching for book club questions for Lessons in Chemistry then in this article we have arranged many questions. Use these questions to guide your book club. This is a thought-provoking story of an extraordinary woman, a feminist who tries to defy stereotypes. Not only will you enjoy this novel, but your book group will have plenty to discuss.

What is the ‘Lessons in Chemistry’ book about?

Lessons in Chemistry by Bonnie Garmus revolves around single mother Elizabeth Zott. She is a charming feminist and an excellent chemist. She unexpectedly gets a chance to become the host of a cooking show in 1960s America. Her non-traditional ways motivate women to make changes in their lives.

Is Lessons in Chemistry a good book?

Ridiculous yet refreshing, this novel is a masterpiece that is definitely worth appreciating. It is dynamic but carefully written. A truly page-turning story you’ll feel like the world is in comparison to Elizabeth Zott, and want to root for her. Reading this will make you feel good, and you will get motivated.

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Lessons in Chemistry book club discussion questions

Book Club Questions for Lessons in Chemistry
Lessons in Chemistry Book Club Questions

The Lessons in Chemistry deals with some of society’s complex topics, making it a perfect choice for book club discussions.

1. Based on what you read in the book, do you agree with the book title Lessons in Chemistry?

2. What do you think about Elizabeth, the main character of this novel? Do you know any such person in real life?

3. Did you start reading this book after reading the reviews? If yes, were the expectations you had about it met?

4. Madeline has some problems at school such as playing girls’ games and blue or pink. What do you think about this? Do you know any boys or girls who have similar problems?

5. There are many negative characters in this novel. Which character did you hate the most? And why?

6. What do you think of women’s responses to the cooking show Supper At Six? Is Elizabeth’s character more impressive as a chemist or will you remember her as an exemplary character?

7. Discuss how gender expectations affect the decisions a person makes personally in his life.

8. If a movie is made in this novel, what kind of movie do you think it will be?

9. Working in a male-dominated environment is a constant challenge for a woman. How would you feel if you ever had to work in such an environment?

10. In this book, we see that some male characters sympathize with Elizabeth. But why are they afraid to speak up for it? Is it enough to simply sympathize and how does the silence of such people affect the situation of Elizabeth and other women like her?

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11. Elizabeth is against the restrictions placed on her by society. She also wants others to raise their voice against these restrictions. How do these people ultimately deal with this challenge? Have you ever faced such social limits in your life?

12. Elizabeth chose her career as a chemist, do you think she made the right choice? If yes, why?

13. How did you like the romance between Elizabeth and Calvin? What is the reason behind their good chemistry?

14. When Calvin proposes to Elizabeth, she rejects him. What justification do you think Elizabeth had for turning down his proposal?

15. What effect did Calvin’s death have on Elizabeth’s life and how did her life change?

16. Elizabeth was not overjoyed when she found out she was pregnant. What surprised Elizabeth most about becoming a mother?

17. Elizabeth and Calvin didn’t share many things with each other, but their bond was still powerful. Do you think a relationship can be so strong despite not trusting each other?

18. Why is the dog called Sixthirty in the novel? What was the author’s intention behind including the point of view of her dog?

19. Six-thirty is a fantastic dog. Why was his character so important to the story? Have you ever seen a dog with such a large vocabulary?

20. What was Elizabeth’s reason for accepting to host the cooking show Supper At Six? And why did she leave it later?

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Lessons in Chemistry is an original and addictive novel. It intelligently and entertainingly unravels the complex issues of gender equality, and the desire to be authentic. It also discusses the reasons why we should resist accepting other people’s limitations and try to impose our own. We hope this article and the book club questions presented for Lessons in Chemistry will provide you with enough guidance.

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