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None of This Is True Book Club Questions

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We have prepared some interesting book club discussion questions for None of This Is True by Lisa Jewell which you can read in this post.

Famous psychological thriller writer Lisa Jewell has enthralled readers with her 21st book, “None of This Is True.” It was published in 2023. Jewell deftly interweaves the lives of Alix Summer and Josie Fair in this compelling story. The novel explores themes of abuse, deceit, and the hazy boundaries between reality and fiction. Readers will find themselves grappling with difficult realities and moral dilemmas as they go deeper into this psychological thriller. It leads them to wonder about the very essence of mankind.

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“None of This Is True” book club questions

None of This Is True Book Club Questions
None of This Is True Book Club Questions

1. What impressions does the book’s title give you about the plot and the characters? Were there any particular elements about which you had reservations based on the title from the start?

2. How does the author improve the story through the use of various narrative voices?

3. Consider the idea of having the same birthdate. Could it be that having the same birthdate as someone deepens your bond? Could you have the same level of fascination and kinship as Josie and Alix?

4. In what ways do the early chapters persuade us to view Josie as a sympathetic character? How does Lisa Jewell’s characterization make us believe that Josie is odd or lonely — and ultimately harmless?

5. Why does Josie want to work with Alix on the podcast project?

6. Josie has social media profiles, although she seldom updates them. A “consummate lurker,” that is. What bigger effects does this have on Josie’s life?

7. Why does Alix choose to work with Josie in spite of her concerns?

8. Alix is troubled by the gradually disturbing things she discovers about Josie’s life, but she doesn’t interfere or stop the podcast interviews. Do you believe that Alix should have done something? What do you think the outcome would have been?

9. How does Josie’s presence affect Alix’s relationships and life?

10. Do you believe that Alix should have stopped Josie’s manipulating actions sooner?

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11. Which clues hint at Josie’s more sinister motives? Were there any lies that Josie told that you believed to be true?

12. Talk about the importance of the things Josie steals from Alix’s house.

13. How does the author build suspense when Josie’s secrets are gradually revealed?

14. What do you think about Josie’s explanation for her behavior in the text message to Alix? Talk about the moral ramifications of Josie’s activities and their results.

15. How is the reader’s view challenged by Erin’s revelation regarding her connection with Walter?

16. What surprised you the most about Erin and Roxy’s childhood and recent events? Examine the nuances of Erin and Roxy’s roles in the unfolding event.

17. Consider Nathan’s development as a character and his ultimate fate.

18. In what ways does the author explore parenting as it relates to Josie?

19. How does the theme of abuse appear in the narrative?

20. How do the events in the book relate to class? How does the storyline consider the different social backgrounds of the two families?

21. What traditional notions of psychological thrillers and crime fiction do you think the book “None of This Is True” challenges?

22. What conclusions does the ending draw about the nature of redemption and truth?

Take a moment to explore the fascinating world of “None of This Is True” and feel free to discuss these questions with your book club members.

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