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Reminders of Him Book Club Questions To Discuss

If you are looking for interesting and probing club questions for the Reminders of Him book then this article is for you. This is another romance novel by Colleen Hoover. Although according to some readers, they did not enjoy this book as much as the author’s other books. Nevertheless, the book was loved by readers who like romance novels. As you read this heartbreaking story, you feel the pain and feelings of the characters. You feel that their inner conflict is hurting not only them but you as well.

Some informative questions and answers for the book Reminders of Him

Is ‘Reminders of Him’ a good book club book?

The book deals with themes of redemption, relationships, and the consequences of past mistakes, which can make for interesting discussions in a book club setting. Your book group members will surely enjoy reading and discussing this book.

What does the ‘Reminders of Him’ book talk about?

After spending time in prison for a tragic mistake, Kenna, a young mother, returns to her hometown in hopes of reconnecting with her daughter. However, the people in her daughter’s life are determined to keep her out. Ledger, the owner of a local bar, is the only one who doesn’t completely shut her out. And the two form a connection despite the pressure around them. As their romance grows, so does the danger. Kenna must find a way to atone for her past mistakes so that the future can be filled with hope and healing.

At what age should you read Reminders of Him?

It is recommended for all readers who are 18 years of age or older.

Is there a plot twist in Reminders of Him?

Ledger and Kenna form a strong connection without knowing each other. However, their relationship takes a turn when Ledger is revealed to be the best friend of Kenna’s deceased boyfriend. Not only this, but he also shares a friendly relationship with Kenna’s daughter Diem.

Why you should read Reminders of Him?

CoHo tells a poignant tale of forgiveness, redemption, relationships, and love in this novel. She brilliantly portrays the emotions and perspectives of characters going through difficult situations. You can also read our review of the Reminders of Him book here.

Reminders of Him book club questions

Reminders of Him Book Club Questions To Discuss
Reminders of Him Book Club Questions

Get ready for a lively discussion of the book’s themes using the following Reminders of Him book club questions. Relax and take your time while exploring the novel with your fellow readers.

1. In many of Colleen Hoover’s books, the main characters are immediately attracted to each other and feel a strong desire to be together. The same was the case with Kenna and Ledger in “Reminders of Him.” Do you have any thoughts on this portrayal of attraction and desire in literature?

2. This book is told from multiple points of view, which can make it difficult to determine who to side with. Do you find yourself aligning more with Ledger or Kenna and Scotty’s parents as you read the book?

3. In the beginning, we learn that Kenna has recently moved to town and had a baby while incarcerated. Knowing this, what did you initially think about Kenna? Did you feel sympathy for her or did you find her guilty?

4. What motivates Kenna to try to reconnect with her daughter and how does this conflict with her past actions?

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5. Colleen describes in the acknowledgments section of the book that no specific location is mentioned for this story. While reading the book, did you imagine the events taking place at a particular location in your mind?

6. The author has set the story in a small town. How does this contribute to the conflicts and relationships in the story?

7. What do you think of Kenna’s efforts to rebuild relationships with people who are determined to keep Kenna out of her daughter’s life? Did you feel more anger at Scotty’s parents or more sorry for Kenna?

8. How did you see Kenna’s relationship with Ledger and how did it grow over time despite the challenges they face? How did you compare their relationships with the other characters?

9. As a reader, we knew about Kenna’s true identity while we know Ledger didn’t know this. What do you think about the deep relationship between the two characters in this context?

10. Ledger and Kenna didn’t want people to know about their attraction to each other. So they kept it a secret. Do you think this was the right way to handle the situation or could there have been more effective alternatives?

11. What motivates Ledger to offer Kenna a job at the bar and keep it a secret from the Landrys?

12. What do Mary Anne and the other employees at the bar think about Ledger’s decision to hire Kenna?

13. How did Ledger’s feelings towards Kenna change throughout the story?

14. How does Kenna’s guilt over causing Scotty’s death affect her relationships and actions throughout the novel?

15. What was the significance of Kenna’s letters to Scotty and how did they reveal her feelings and motivations? How do these letters help her cope with the aftermath of the accident?

16. How does Ledger’s relationship with Diem change after he starts working with Kenna and shows her videos of her daughter?

17. How does Kenna feel about the fact that Ledger’s ex-girlfriend Leah didn’t see Diem as part of the family?

18. Discuss Diem’s role in the story and how her presence influenced the decisions of the other characters.

19. How does the theme of family and parenting appear in the novel, especially in the relationships between Kenna, Diem, Ledger, and Landrys?

20. What do you think of how the author portrays Kenna as a “girl” throughout the novel?

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21. Do you think this book is a good representation of the romance genre as a whole? How was your reading experience depending on the genre of the book?

22. One of the reviewers of the book said that the central romance in the story was sweet and convincing. Do you agree with the reviewer?

23. Do you think the book successfully achieved its goals as a tearjerker-y, melodramatic romance novel?

We hope these club questions from the book Reminders of Him are useful for your group meeting. If you want to buy this book, the link is below.

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