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The Lincoln Highway 30 Book Club Questions for Discussion

If you’re looking for a book club selection that will spark lively discussion, The Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles is an excellent choice. This book appeared prominently on almost every major literary list in 2021.

It is the story of four young men who travel from Nebraska to New York City on the Lincoln Highway. The plot is set in 1950s America. This novel is a lovely journey that will appeal to readers of all ages and walks of life. For most book groups, this could be a wise pick. There are several discoveries, adventures, and amusing mischief in it.

The story is told from multiple points of view and it spans only ten days. It takes the reader on a journey along the Lincoln Highway, which stretches across America from the Midwest to both coasts. It connects the stories of five young men in the 1950s. Presenting the story of that time is not easy.

The book explores the weight of expectations, the sorrow of unfulfilled goals, and the significance of home. Readers who like multi-layered literary styles will love this novel. It also features richly imaginative settings and an array of themes.

There are many readers who liked this novel and some who did not like it. As for me, there were many moments in this novel that I enjoyed, but at some points I got bored. The ending and the climax indicate where the author based the novel. While reading the novel I had a lot of ideas about how it would end.

The Lincoln Highway Book Club Questions

The Lincoln Highway 30 Book Club Questions for Discussion
The 30 Best Book Club Questions for the Lincoln Highway

We are all about literature around here, so we thought that Book Club Questions would be a hit. We have 30 questions about the novel Lincoln Highway by Amor Towles. These discussion questions are designed to make sure that you don’t miss any of the important aspects of the story.

1. Why did the author consider it necessary to title this book The Lincoln Highway? How do you think the characters relate to the highway?

2. While working at a juvenile work farm, Emmett accidentally kills a bully. What impact do you think the accident had on Emmett’s life and how it changed his life?

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3. Why do you think the author has told the novel from multiple perspectives, did it add any interest to the story?

4. All the other characters are told in the third person except the Duchess and Sally, who are told in the first person. Why did the author think this was necessary?

5. Each character in this novel has their own dreams and hopes. Which character’s hopes and expectations do you think affected the rest of the characters?

6. Do you see any similarities or differences in the personalities of Emmett and Billy? If yes, what?

7. Sally is the main female character of this book. How do you see Sally and Emmett’s relationship? Did she fall in love with Emmett? Is Emmett aware of her expectations of him?

8. Do you think Sally’s decision to move to San Francisco was the right one? Did she really want to look after her father? What do you think Sally’s life will be like after the story ends?

9. What do you think about Emmett’s parents and their relationship with him? Can you call them good parents?

10. How did you like the roles of Ulysses, Sarah, Sally, and Professor Abernath? Which of these characters and their story did you find interesting?

11. Were there any characters that you noticed changed over the course of the book?

12. Which of the supporting characters do you think the author wrote least about? While you wanted to know more about it.

13. Emmett is devoted to his brother and is determined to protect him from his suspicious activities. But, Billy idealizes these things. What do you think about the action that Emmett took in this regard?

14. How did you like the character and behavior of Billy? Do you think everyone has the same childhood?

15. The characters in the novel are trying to pay off their debts and fulfill their obligations. Which character do you think is more determined in this regard and which character is worried and anxious?

16. Discuss Emmett and Billy’s Mom. Where do you think she went? Will these two brothers ever find their mother in San Francisco?

17. How did you like the story of Ulysses? Why did Professor Abacus choose to go after Ulysses?

18. If we observe the character of the Duchess in the book, he is mostly engaged in fulfilling the moral obligations owed to him. Did you notice any changes in his motivations as the book went on? Was it his upbringing or something else that caused him to go astray?

19. Emmett controls his anger at Duchess. Why do you think the Duchess got this exemption?

20. Are you satisfied with the ending of the Duchess in the story?

21. What do you say about Woolly? Why is he so focused on escaping a typical day?

22. What do you think Woolly could have done in his life that would have changed his life and made things different for him?

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23. What do you think about Woolly’s disease and what medicine he used?

24. Did learning about Woolly’s story make you curious about his past? What was his real purpose for making this journey?

25. What would the story be like if Woolly and Duchess hadn’t been involved in Emmett and Billy’s journey to their new home?

26. Emmett is shocked to see Woolly is dead, but the Duchess seems unconcerned about it and simply wants the money. What were your thoughts on Woolly’s death and this aspect of the Duchess’s personality?

27. Did Emmett want Duchess dead or was he just confusing him to get time so he and Billy could escape?

28. Many readers have criticized Billy for portraying him as more unusual than his age. Do you think this criticism is valid? Or do you think such children really exist?

29. The main theme of the novel is ambition. Do you think there is a difference between ambitions and dreams?

30. After reading the book, were you satisfied with the ending, or did you think it should have ended differently?

These are the book club questions for The Lincoln Highway. For those who haven’t read the novel and want to buy it, we have given a link below.

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Book recommendations

If you liked this novel, you would definitely want to read more novels by the author. Below we have mentioned three more books by Amor Towles that you might like.

Rules of Civility

This entertaining debut novel follows Katie Content, a young woman of about twenty-five, whose life is about to change. It’s the last night of 1937 in Greenwich Village, and she’s in a second-rate bar. Then a handsome young man comes and sits down at her neighbor’s table. This man Tinker Grey is a banker.

The results of this encounter are shocking. Because Katie gets to go on a year-long journey to the upper echelon of New York society. Where she will only have to rely on a bad wit and her cold nerves. You will definitely love this novel’s themes, its fascinating characters, and its vivid depiction of New York’s social class.

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A Gentleman in Moscow

It is a fictional story that revolves around a Russian aristocrat, Count Alexander Rostov. He was to be hanged during the Russian Revolution. But at university he wrote a poem that made him a revolutionary hero, thereby stopping his execution and thus saving his life. However, he was detained at the famous Metropole Hotel in Moscow. Now that he is confined in a hotel, the world outside is changing.

The book depicts the Count’s situation at the Metropole Hotel in a humorous and beautiful way. While he tries to extricate himself and make sense of his situation.

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You Have Arrived at Your Destination

This novel is based on the theme of genetic engineering and its implications. A couple Sam and Annie want to start their family through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). For this purpose, they approach a modern genetic engineering company.

The company tells them they can change the outcome of their child’s life with the help of genetic selection. Couples can choose the outcome of their choice. For this, they are shown a video film that shows them the simulation of the expected results.

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Final words

At the end of this post, we hope these club discussion questions for The Lincoln Highway book will help you dive deeper into the story, and appreciate the book even more.

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