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The Measure Book Club Questions For Discussion

Welcome to our blog post with insightful book club questions for The Measure by Nikki Erlick. In her moving debut novel, she explores themes like resilience, discrimination, fate, and life. This compelling story takes readers into a world where mysterious boxes that store the “measure” of each person’s life have changed everything.

These questions will spark an interesting discussion about the relevance of the novel to our own society and the challenging themes it highlights as we delve into the effects of the strings on the characters’ lives and relationships.

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The Measure book club questions

The Measure Book Club Questions For Discussion
The Measure Book Club Questions

1. What effects does the concept of the personalized boxes and strings have on how the characters view their relationships and way of life?

2. How does the government’s response to the string phenomenon compare to actual responses to societal problems?

3. Talk about the story’s use of science and skepticism. How do characters like Nina and Maura handle the conflict between their beliefs and science?

4. What impact does knowing one is going to die have on the characters’ motivations and actions throughout the book?

5. Discuss the theme of discrimination in the novel. How are short-stringers treated differently in the social spheres of housing, work, and healthcare?

6. What similarities exist between the discrimination that short-stringers experience and the actual experiences of marginalized communities?

7. Talk about Anthony’s persona and how he used the string phenomenon for his own benefit. How does this illustrate the negative aspects of politics and spreading fear?

8. How does the author use the string to symbolize the fragility and unpredictability of life itself?

9. Analyse Ben’s interaction with his family. How does his short string impact the roles he plays as a father and husband?

10. Discuss the significance of Amie’s love of books and how it affects the way she views the world in the wake of the string revelation.

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11. Talk about how the novel portrays hope and resiliency in the face of hardship. How are the characters able to discover joy and beauty in the middle of the chaos?

12. What effects does the string phenomenon have on the characters’ sense of self-worth and identity?

13. Analyze how the media and popular culture affect the public’s opinion and the spread of myths regarding short-stringers.

14. Discuss the ethical implications of discovering one’s exact time of death. How does this information affect social norms and personal decisions?

15. In the context of strings, consider the idea of fate versus free will. Do the characters have the ability to go against what is about to happen to them?

16. How do the dynamics of friendships, families, and romantic partnerships change as a result of the string phenomenon?

17. Discuss the symbolism behind the lengths of the strings. And in what ways do these lengths of the strings represent the characters’ hopes, anxieties, and vulnerabilities?

18. Analyze the significance of the setting, especially New York City, in shaping the events and people’s responses to the string phenomenon.

19. Talk about how the string revelation has affected society as a whole. What effects does it have on the political, economic, and cultural landscapes?

20. How do the author’s storytelling and character development arouse readers’ emotions and cause them to think about themselves?

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These club questions for The Measure Book will definitely be useful for you. And your group meeting will be interesting.

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