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What is The Book The Measure About? Book Summary and FAQ

In this post, we’ll provide The Measure book summary and answers to some frequently asked questions. The author of the novel is Nikki Erlik. First published on June 28, 2022, and has 353 pages in hardcover.

The Measure book summary – What is the book about?

What is The Book The Measure About? Book Summary and FAQ
The Measure Book Summary

“The Measure” is a novel written by Nikki Erlik. The story of the novel revolves around people from all over the world, who are aged 22 years and above. They are receiving a small wooden box with a string that represents their life measurement.

This means that the length of the string tells how long they have to live. As society tries to deal with boxes and their effects, people start to discriminate against those with short strings and admire those with long strings.

The novel follows the lives of eight different characters and their reactions to the boxes. Some characters, like Nina refuses to open her box until science can explain the event. Some people, like Amie, decide to disregard the boxes and carry on with their lives as if they had never been delivered.

The box shatters Ben’s life, and Hank, a doctor who has always believed that science can save lives, finds it difficult to accept what the boxes have predicted.

These boxes become even more of a political issue when a presidential campaign involves the prospect of a surge in support. Anthony, a presidential candidate, hopes to scare voters into supporting him by using the boxes. Jack, his nephew, develops an interest in the boxes and begins exploring them with the aid of his friend Javier.

The book analyses how people disclose their true natures under difficult and uncertain conditions. Despite having a dystopian tone, the story is very thought-provoking and inspires readers to make the most of their lives.

The Measure is a sweeping and complex story about family, friendship, hope, and destiny. It explores how people respond to ambiguous situations.

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Q: What is the genre of the book?

A: The Measure is a dystopian fiction novel. It describes the human condition in the face of an unknown and seemingly supernatural occurrence.

Q: What themes does the book explore?

A: The book explores themes of mortality, fear, discrimination, privacy, and the human reaction to uncertainty.

Q: Who are the main characters in The Measure book?

A: The story follows eight characters: Nina, Maura, Amie, Ben, Hank, Anthony, Jack, and Javier.

Q: Is The Measure dystopian?

A: This debut novel is both dystopian and thought-provoking, exploring themes of family, friendship, hope, and destiny. The Measure is a sweeping and energizing tale about human nature that exhorts readers to enjoy every moment.

Q: Is the book a standalone novel or part of a series?

A: The Measure is a standalone novel.

Q: What age group is the book suitable for?

A: Due to its mature themes and language, The Measure is suitable for adult readers.

Q: Is it worth reading The Measure?

A: Yes, if you enjoy dystopian fiction and thought-provoking novels that explore the human condition, “The Measure” is definitely worth reading.

Q: Is the book well-written?

A: Yes, the book is incredibly thought-provoking and magnificently written. It conveys the feelings of each character convincingly and truthfully as they reflect on their own boxes and how long they have left to live.

Q: Does the book have a message or moral?

A: You’ll be in a state of shock after reading the final chapter of the book, which emphasizes how people tend to show their true colors under trying and difficult circumstances. The Measure serves as an example of how life’s ambiguity impacts interactions between people and decision-making.

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