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The Way I Used to Be Book Summary – Synopsis

This post provides a synopsis and summary of The Way I Used To Be by Amber Smith.

Synopsis of the book The Way I Used to Be by Amber Smith

“The Way I Used to Be” by Amber Smith follows Eden as she faces challenges and changes in her life. One night, when she was 14 years old, her brother’s best friend Kevin came into her room and raped her. He told her not to tell anyone, or he would hurt her more. Eden was scared, so she kept it a secret. But the secret affects the way she feels and acts so she becomes angry, sad, and lonely. She started doing bad things like smoking, lying, and dating boys who didn’t respect her. She felt like she lost herself, and she didn’t know how to get back to the way she used to be. The book takes us through her four years of high school and shows how she deals with her emotions and relationships. She meets some people who help her, like Josh, a kind boy who likes her for who she is, and Mara, a loyal friend who supports her. She also meets some people who hurt her, like Kevin’s sister, who spreads rumors about her, and her parents, who don’t understand her. It’s a story about growing up, friendship, and the impact of difficult experiences on a person. Eden learns about herself and the importance of speaking up and seeking support. The book explores themes of healing and resilience, making it a powerful and emotional read.

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The Way I Used to Be Summary

The Way I Used to Be Book Summary - Synopsis
Book summary The Way I Used to Be

The Way I Used to Be is a book by Amber Smith. It is about a girl named Eden who is raped by her brother’s best friend, Kevin when she is 14 years old. The book shows how Eden changes after this terrible thing happens to her.

The book has four parts. Each part is about one year of Eden’s life in high school. The first part is called “Freshman Year”. In this part, Eden tries to act like nothing happened. She does not tell anyone what Kevin did to her. Because she is afraid that no one will believe her or help her. She feels alone and scared. As a result, she loses interest in the things she used to love, like playing music and reading books. She starts to smoke and argue with her parents. She wants to forget what happened, but she can’t.

The second part is called “Sophomore Year”. In this part, Eden meets a boy named Josh. Josh is older and popular. He likes Eden and wants to be her boyfriend. Eden likes Josh too, but she does not trust him. She does not want to be hurt again. So she does not tell Josh about Kevin or her feelings. She keeps him at a distance. She also has to deal with rumors that she is a slut. These rumors are started by Kevin’s sister, who hates Eden. Eden feels angry and ashamed. She does not know how to stop the rumors or defend herself.

The third part is called “Junior Year”. In this part, Eden breaks up with Josh. She does not love him anymore because she feels nothing for him. While she starts to sleep with many boys. She does not care about them either. She thinks that sex is the only way to get attention and feel something. Moreover, she also drinks a lot of alcohol and takes drugs. She does not care about her grades or her future. The only thing she wants is to escape from her pain. She pushes away her friends and family. She feels numb and empty.

The fourth part is called “Senior Year”. In this part, Eden realizes that she needs to change. She does not want to live like this anymore, she wants to heal and be happy. She decides to tell someone what Kevin did to her so she tells her brother, who is shocked and angry. He confronts Kevin and beats him up. He also tells their parents, who are sad and supportive. They take Eden to a therapist, who helps her talk about her trauma.

Eden also reconnects with her old friends, who are glad to see her. She makes new friends, who accept her. She even meets a new boy, who is kind and gentle. He does not pressure her to do anything. He respects her and listens to her. Eden starts to feel hopeful and alive so she starts to play music and read books again. She starts to love herself and others again. She starts to be the way she used to be.

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