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Things We Never Got Over Book Club Questions

This post is about the ‘Things We Never Got Over’ book club questions. In this blog post, we brainstorm thought-provoking questions that will spark interesting conversations and delve deeper into the book’s themes and characters. Join us as we explore the courage it takes to rediscover passion, the healing effects of love, and the vital role that friends and family play.

Lucy Score’s gripping narrative provides lots of material for in-depth discussions, including how to navigate adoption difficulties and the effects of wealth on families, as well as how to examine the dark psychology of sibling rivalry. So grab a cup of tea, get up your book club pals, and get ready to have an insightful discussion on “Things We Never Got Over.”

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Things We Never Got Over book club questions

Things We Never Got Over Book Club Questions
Things We Never Got Over Book Club Questions

1. How does Naomi’s toxic past relationship affect her ability to believe in someone else and love again?

2. Discuss the value of family dynamics in the novel, paying special attention to the interactions between Knox and his brother Nash and Naomi and her twin sister Tina. How do these relationships affect the characters’ decisions and actions?

3. What can be learned about the effect of wealth on relationships as depicted in the book—both positive and negative?

4. How does Knox’s sudden fortune cause him and his brother Nash to grow apart from one another?

5. What role does the theme of sibling conflict have in the narrative as a whole? What effects does it have on the characters and their relationships?

6. Discuss the challenges and complexities of adoption as they are described in the novel. What effects does Waylay’s adoption have on Naomi and Knox’s relationship?

7. Discuss the relevance of Naomi’s and Knox’s alternating first-person perspectives. How does this storytelling technique improve your understanding of each character’s experiences and feelings?

8. How do the novel’s themes of courage and self-discovery come to life? Give particular examples from the experiences of the characters.

9. Examine the effect that friends, neighbors, and the community had on Naomi and Knox’s life. How does it advance both their relationship and their personal growth?

10. What part does Naomi’s love for Waylay play in the formation of her personality? How does it affect her choices and behavior throughout the narrative?

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11. Examine Knox and Naomi’s psychological reactions to previous experiences. How do their attitudes and behaviors toward commitment and love change as a result of these experiences?

12. Talk about how the story depicts child endangerment and domestic violence. What effect do these delicate subjects have on the story and how does the author handle them?

13. How does the author mix the romantic aspects of the story with the darker themes and suspense? Does the story make good use of this combination?

14. Examine Knox’s development as a character over the course of the book. How do his own issues and emotional trauma impact his relationships and decision-making?

15. Think about how fate or coincidence played a role in the story. How are the characters’ lives and love paths shaped by chance encounters and unexpected events?

16. Talk about how love and intimacy are portrayed in the book, especially in the context of Naomi and Knox’s relationship. How do their physical and emotional relationships change over time?

17. Examine how the characters’ pasts and abilities to move on are related to the concept of forgiveness. How does forgiveness affect both their relationship’s growth and personal healing?

18. Discuss the relevance of the little village of Knockemout, which serves as the book’s setting. How do the town and its people contribute to the atmosphere and the experiences of the characters?

19. Examine the characters’ decisions and deeds throughout the story’s conclusion. How do their choices illustrate their development and the resolution of their personal conflicts?

20. What connections are made between the different storylines and character arcs in the book at the end? Did it meet your expectations? If not, why not?

21. What aspects of Naomi and Knox’s lives and relationship would you like to explore more if a sequel focused on their future?

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