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Lucy Score’s Things We Never Got Over Summary and FAQs

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Welcome to our in-depth blog post about Lucy Score’s ‘Things We Never Got Over’ summary and frequently asked questions. This enthralling love story follows Naomi Witt’s quest to rediscover herself after leaving a toxic relationship.

Naomi is a 30-something lady. When Naomi meets Knox Morgan, a wealthy bar owner with a magnetic personality, she finds herself tempted to give love another chance. We will discuss some frequently asked questions that will help you comprehend and whet your curiosity as we go into the overview of this emotionally charged novel.

Things We Never Got Over Summary

Lucy Score's Things We Never Got Over Summary and FAQs
Things We Never Got Over Summary

Naomi Witt travels to the small town of Knockemout, Virginia, to aid her twin sister Tina and get away from the fallout of a failed wedding. However, Tina tricks her, steals her car and money, and then vanishes, leaving her daughter Waylay, age 11, behind. Waylay and Naomi rapidly become close, and Naomi assumes the role of guardian for her.

When Naomi takes a job at a local bar, she meets Knox Morgan, a charming barman who got wealthy after winning the state lottery. Knox and his brother Nash, the town’s sheriff, are no longer on speaking terms due to Knox’s newfound wealth.

Despite their attraction to one another, Naomi and Knox are not interested in having a relationship. However, Knox shows a particular interest in Naomi and makes arrangements for her and Waylay to stay elsewhere.

As Naomi gets used to her new existence she starts to warm up to Knox even though he is first cautious and distant. When an unexpected encounter with Naomi’s ex-fiance becomes violent, Knox steps in to defend her. As a result of this encounter, Naomi and Knox get closer as they both open up about their emotional baggage and insecurities.

When Tina reappears, she kidnaps Waylay. She also forces Naomi into a risky situation with the son of an infamous crime boss, which dramatically changes the narrative’s course. The Morgan brothers, led by Knox, rush to their aid when they are in grave danger.

In the aftermath, Knox realizes his true feelings for Naomi and proposes to her. Naomi and Knox decide to adopt Waylay because Tina will be subject to legal consequences.

After five years, their lives are full of love and support from their friends and family. But Naomi and Knox must deal with the sad but true fact that Waylay is leaving for college. While they have also adopted two girls.

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Q. What is the novel about?

A. The story of “Things We Never Got Over” chronicles Naomi Witt’s journey as she sets out to find herself again after leaving a toxic relationship. She meets wealthy bar owner Knox Morgan, and the two tackle love, healing, and life’s obstacles together.

Q. Does the novel have a happy ending?

A. Yes, the story of Things We Never Got Over comes to a satisfying and joyful ending. In the presence of their loved ones, Naomi and Knox overcome challenges to find love and happiness together.

Q. Is “Things We Never Got Over” a steamy romance novel?

A. Yes, there are steamy and passionate situations throughout the book that give Naomi and Knox’s romance more depth and intensity. It is intended for mature readers.

Q. Is “Things We Never Got Over” worth reading?

A. Absolutely! Lucy Score is a seasoned romance fiction writer. She spins a captivating story that combines elements of the well-known romance genre with themes of courage, family, and the transforming power of love. Its success as a bestseller on Amazon and the New York Times speaks for itself.

Q. What are the trigger warnings for the novel?

A. ‘Things We Never Got Over’ containing domestic abuse and child endangerment. Strong language and graphic sexual content also exist in this book, which is meant for mature readers.

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