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Think And Grow Rich A Black Choice Review

The Essence of Success. A thought-provoking guide. Today we are going to review Dennis Kimbro’s roadmap to success “Think and Grow Rich a Black Choice” book. How to achieve your dreams using the law of success?

Dennis Kimbro is an avid follower of Napoleon Hill’s law of success. Besides, he has experience of many years and a successful publishing company. So he has mastered the art of self-help bestsellers.

Think And Grow Rich A Black Choice | Book Review
Think And Grow Rich A Black Choice Book

Kimbro has a wide knowledge of businesses and present-day affairs. Besides this, he also knows a lot about the lively culture of Black America. He has combined famous author Napoleon Hill’s law of success with his own research. So that we can understand how Black Americans have used those principles to succeed.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking to get your company off the ground. You may be a daydreamer looking to achieve your biggest aspirations. Dennis Kimbro has some advice that will help you on your way.

Be inspired and empowered with this book that will teach you how to be successful. It tells you about the successful black people who have been there before. It’s a collection filled with inspirational stories. You will learn about Jesse Jackson, Spike Lee, Selma Burke, Oprah Winfrey, and some other successful people.

These are practical ideas that make sense to anyone. So use them to unlock what has been elusive for you up until now. This is a treasure that we can only find when we do things right.

Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice Book Review

Let’s do one thing before reviewing the book Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice. First, we try to understand the key points that are the secret to success. The points that the author Dennis Kimbro has emphasized in this book. And Napoleon Hill also insisted on his bestseller. We have described these key points below.

What is the law of success? Understanding the Law of Success

According to Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, it’s a philosophy that can help you achieve your goals. This is the basic formula to gaining success in life. Here are its five principles:

  • 1- Decide what you want.
  • 2- Believe you can have it.
  • 3- Act as if you already have it.
  • 4- Work hard toward your goal.
  • 5- Be open to receiving help from others.

If you follow these steps, Hill says, you will see amazing results. You will be happy to know what you can do in your lifetime. To understand why they work, take a look at some of history’s most successful people. Consider Bill Gates—deciding he wanted to be rich led him to believe he could create Microsoft (he did).

Gates acted as if he were rich by buying an expensive house and cars (he did). He decided to work long hours at his business (he did). He also decided to be open to advice from his mentors (he was). And look, following these points has taken him to the heights of success.

Now he has more money than anyone could ever spend in several lifetimes. In fact, Gates isn’t alone, there are plenty of other examples. Following Hill’s law helped make dreams come true. So go ahead and decide what you want. Then believe you can have it. And then act as if you already do, because who knows you might get there. It all starts with one decision…what do you want? That’s up to you!

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The keys to achieving your goals

To achieve the success we desire, we must work hard. The only way we can achieve exponential growth is by having faith and being persistent. We must have faith in ourselves that we will succeed and be persistent in the pursuit of our goals. We are all on a journey toward achieving our dreams. If you want to achieve your goals, you have to believe that you can do it!

There will be many people who will tell you that you cannot do it. And that it is impossible for you. But, if you believe in yourself and your God-given talents, then nothing is impossible for you.

You have to make up your mind right now. And you have to make a decision that you will not allow anyone or anything to stop you from achieving what you set out to do. You need to focus on reaching your goal no matter what comes in your path.

When obstacles come into play, don’t let them distract you from reaching your goal. Instead, use them as opportunities to prove everyone wrong. And show them how strong of a person you are. It takes courage and strength to overcome obstacles. But with these qualities anything is possible.

Forming good habits

Creating new habits is one of life’s most valuable skills. Whether it’s exercising, saving money, or getting more done in your day. Developing good habits is a great way to ensure that you’re taking action every day that matters. In fact, habits are what makes successful people different from unsuccessful people.

Good habits give you a huge leg up on reaching your full potential in life. Because they allow you to become more productive and effective with less effort. Once you start forming new habits, it becomes much easier for you to get things done, and do them well.

The Importance of Networking

Networking is one of those buzzwords that sounds nebulous. But it can be a powerful tool for helping you reach your goals. Getting out there and talking with other people can help. You can talk with people in your industry or about topics that are meaningful to you.

You can learn new things, land jobs, and make valuable contacts. It might seem nerve-wracking at first, and it is. If you do it right, networking can be incredibly beneficial for your career.

Developing belief in yourself

Too many people quit because they underestimate their ability to succeed. If you think you can do it, then chances are pretty good that you will. Of course, that’s easier said than done. Most people have a hard time believing in themselves and their abilities when they set out on a new venture.

The most important thing is learning. You should learn how to stay focused on your goals without letting doubt creep in. And cloud your judgment with self-defeating thoughts like I can’t do it or This is too hard.

When others around you begin asking whether your idea has merit. You should remind yourself why you’re doing what you’re doing, and why it will work. Then, stand firm in your beliefs. It won’t be easy at first, but if you stick with it, belief will become second nature. Once you believe in yourself and your dreams, there’s no telling how far you’ll go.

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Further review of Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice book by Dennis Kimbro

This book is a must-read for anyone looking to get rich and succeed in life. It has a huge focus on money management. But focuses more and more on what matters most as far as when you want to get rich. It not only covers managing your finances but also how to grow wealth no matter how little or large you make.

There are four parts to this study. The first section deals with the things that will help you as a person and grow rich. The second part is all about reading habits and habits that people adopt. The third is “The Road To Success”, which talks about how to start small and build up the road to becoming successful.

The fourth and final part discusses business advice. And suggests tips for good financial performance. While at the same time being able to enjoy the good times that come from making money.

Only a few readers know a fact. The fact that Hill had also worked on a transcribed set of messages to African Americans back in the 70s. Dennis Kimbro had taken up that work and created Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice.

The idea was again done by Anthony Robbins and Joseph McClendon III. They created Unlimited Power: A Black Choice. And though both texts were aimed at certain audiences. We can say they are the extension of the original work. Each work has value because it comes from true conviction.

The book is also useful for non-black readers

Non-black readers can also use this book. Readers can try to figure out the answers to their own problems. And how they can achieve the goals they had set in their lives. Some of these stories could bring a lot of joy to families. Especially those of multi-racial couples.

For example, if two parents have 2 children, and one of them isn’t well. The family may have a hard time dealing with that kind of situation. Knowing how to handle such situations is very necessary. It could save a lot of heartache or frustration.

This book is truly inspiring for anyone looking to grow toward success. Dennis Kimbro did an excellent job echoing Napoleon Hill’s spirit. While still conveying his own perspective and lived experience. Everyone who reads it will appreciate it.

This book provides inspiration when one faces impossible odds. Honest accounts remind readers how far they’ve come with dedication and hard work. Even when conditions seem invincible.

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My opinion and how this book helped me

It helps me to realize what kind of person I am, and who I can be. Reading this book makes me understand things differently than before. It gave me strength and courage. It also made me think about my future plans and showed me what’s possible if I work hard enough.

Along with learning important lessons like how to believe in myself. And to follow my own heart no matter what people say or do. This book tells us that we shouldn’t settle for being average. We were born great! There is always someone who believes in us too. You should only stay focused on your goals when you’re feeling down.

This book should be added to schools so children can read it. While they’re still young enough to take advantage of life lessons. They can learn without forgetting everything they’ve learned so far. The suicide rates among adolescents are higher than ever. This could mean that we need a lot more tools for them at their disposal before these issues worsen.

A few details of the Author of Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice

Dennis Kimbro, Ph.D. is the author of four books, including Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice. His expertise lies in being a leading Napoleon Hill Science of Success instructor. And leadership coach as well.

Born on December 29th, 1950 in New Jersey. Dennis attended college at the University of Oklahoma. He graduated with his BA degree (1972) and then obtained his Master’s degree (1974). Dennis acquired his Ph.D. in Political science from Northwestern University. He researched the lives of poor and wealthy people in backward countries for his Ph.D.

In 1991, the Napoleon Hill Foundation commissioned him. They gave him the task to complete the unfinished manuscript. Hill made this manuscript for African Americans who wanted to advance their success. The book became a bestseller and helped many people make it out of poverty. And succeed even further in their lives. In 2005, Kimbro’s second edition was published. The title was What Keeps Me Standing: A Black Grandmother’s Guide to Peace, Hope & Inspiration.

Many of the big names are on the list who have attended his lectures. Such as General Motors, Walt Disney, and Frito-Lay, to name a few. Some of his appearances include CNN’s Larry King Live, where he shared his insights on success. One can also find his work in Success Magazine, and The Wall Street Journal. Even in countries like Canada (where his writings are syndicated).

According to USA Today, he is also one of some of the nation’s most distinguished black leaders. He was also one of the judges at the annual awards in honor of entrepreneurs from across America.

Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice Book | Conclusion

If you are not black or POC then I would suggest reading Think and Grow Rich first. The reason is that many of Kimbro’s examples are about racism and segregation. Which can be hard to relate to if you have never experienced these things.

For example, he talks about how most white people do not want black employees. They feel as if they will steal from them or become violent towards them. He also talks about how most white businesses will not hire black people. They assume that blacks will spend money on drugs instead of investing it back into the business. Whereas whites are more likely to invest their money back into the business. Because that’s how their parents taught them when they were growing up.

Dennis Kimbro did a fantastic job of articulating the principles found in Think and Grow Rich but bringing it to black people and people of color. This book is a must-read for any person of color who wants to achieve his dreams.

If you want to read Think and Grow Rich A Black Choice book you can buy it from Amazon. The link is below.

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