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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Book Club Questions

In this blog post, we will explore book club questions for Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow by Gabrielle Zevin. This book is a literary fiction piece that belongs to a unique subgenre called the literary gaming novel.

The book depicts the story of two bright friends named Sadie Green and Samson (Sam) Masur. They create video games to celebrate love, creativity, and immortality. Over the course of 30 years, they face grief, jealousy, joy, fame, and unimaginable tragedy as they mature.

Critics have praised this innovative novel that immerses readers in video games and storytelling. Author John Green called it “one of the best books I’ve ever read.” Zevin also wrote books for young readers like ‘Elsewhere’ and works of literary fiction like ‘The Storied Life of A.J. Fikry’.

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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow book club questions

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Book Club Questions
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Book Club Questions

1. What does the novel’s title, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, mean?

2. What central themes did you notice in the book, and how do they develop through the characters’ lives?

3. How does the author handle difficult themes like love, friendship, and tragedy throughout the book?

4. The center of the book is Sam and Sadie. Two bright friends who have been working together in the game business for more than 30 years. What were the main challenges that they had faced in their relationship as professionals? How did their personal interactions affect the way they worked, and how did they get through those challenges?

5. How did Sadie and Sam maintain their creative spark for over 30 years and continuously create new game concepts? What factors do you think contributed to their enduring success?

6. What changes were made to the business throughout the 30 years period, and were they sufficient?

7. What effects do Sadie and Sam’s childhood experiences have on their relationship and creative cooperation?

8. What are the power connections between Sam and Sadie in the game industry, and how do they evolve over the course of the story?

9. How is gender depicted in the story, and what part does it play in the game industry?

10. How do Sam and Sadie’s different upbringings and backgrounds affect their personalities and outlooks on life?

11. What do you suppose the author wants to say about the quest for eternal fulfillment and the making of video games?

12. The novel has received recognition for immersing readers in both the game and storytelling worlds. What similarities does the book draw between life, relationships, games, and storytelling? How do the characters use gaming to manage their emotions and concerns in real life?

13. What does the Ichigo game mean to Sam and Sadie, and what is its significance?

14. As we know Sam and Sadie make video games. What ethical and social issues did they face when making video games? And how does the author address these issues in the book?

15. How does Marx’s death affect the other characters and what part does he play in the novel?

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16. Themes of grief and loss are discussed throughout the novel, especially in light of Marx’s death. How does the author approach the subject of loss and grief? Which strategies did each character use to deal with their loss, and how successful were they? What impact did their sorrow have on their interactions with other people and their work?

17. In what ways does the book deal with mental health issues, notably postpartum depression?

18. How do the characters’ personal and professional life intertwine, and how does it impact their success?

19. How are the concepts of identity and self-discovery conveyed via the characters in the book?

20. What are the novel’s key turning points, and how do they affect the characters and the relationships between them?

21. How does the author depict the world of video games and technology in the book using language and imagery?

22. How does the book’s setting, particularly the prominence of the cities of Boston and Los Angeles, impact your reading experience?

23. How does the book deal with the problems of representation and diversity in the gaming industry?

24. What part do family and community play in the story, and how do they affect the lives of the characters?

25. How does the book deal with homophobia, especially after Marx’s death? How do the characters cope with the situation?

26. What function do imagination and creativity play in the novel, especially in the creation of video games?

27. What do you think about the way the author describes the theme of aspiration and success in the book? Especially in the context of the gaming industry?

28. What, in your opinion, is the novel’s author trying to express about the value of cooperation and teamwork?

29. How do you think the book ended? Did you feel satisfied with how the storyline and character arcs were resolved? Or maybe you wanted a different ending.

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