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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Book Summary, Review

In this blog post, we will provide Gabrielle Zevin’s Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow book summary, review, and some FAQs.

What is the book Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow about? Summary:

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Book Summary, Review
Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow Book Summary

The friendship between Sadie and Sam is the central theme of the book. They first met while undergoing treatment in the same hospital. Sadie’s sister was receiving treatment for cancer, while Sam was dealing with a broken foot as well as the sorrow of losing his mother. Sam finally spoke out to connect with Sadie through their shared interest in video games. They became close however a misunderstanding caused them to split ways.

Many years later, they met up again in Boston. Then they made the decision to work together to create Ichigo, a video game. This game achieved enormous success. Sadie and Sam had different backgrounds and life experiences. They struggled to strike a balance between making fresh, high-concept games and games that were commercially successful. In addition, they had to deal with personal challenges including losing loved ones, dealing with health problems, and sexism in the tech industry.

Sam and Sadie started their gaming company, Unfair Games with the help of their roommate, Marx. Sam and Sadie’s relationship deteriorated as they collaborated because of creative concerns and personal problems. Marx and Sadie begin a love affair. When Marx is shot and killed, Sadie withdrew herself. Sam tried to keep in touch with her in every possible way. He even designed a game that might bring her back to him.

After some time, Sadie forgave Sam, and they were once again friends. In the end, they remained close friends and coworkers who enjoyed gaming together and sharing ideas for newer games. The novel deals with the themes of friendship, loyalty, loss, sexism, racism, and various challenges in the technology industry.

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Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow book review

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow book is a thrilling journey that transports the reader into the worlds of storytelling and video games. Gabrielle Zevin examines the complexities of human interactions from the perspective of video game development. Despite how daunting the technical parts of gaming may seem. Zevin skillfully explains to the reader a step-by-step procedure, which is easy for anyone to follow.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow is a novel that makes you think about sexism, collaboration, grief, and creativity. The characters are painstakingly developed. And the reader empathizes with their struggles, which increases the impact of tragic events.

The trio of Sam, Sadie, and Marx in particular is the main cast of the novel and its real heart. All of them are sympathetic and realistic despite their flaws. And empathy and tenderness are used to show their long-lasting, complex bond.

Zevin is particularly good at transporting the reader to the book’s multiple settings, from L.A.’s Koreatown to Cambridge. She covers care-sensitive issues including non-consensual sexual encounters, gun violence, suicide, psychological abuse, and anti-gay bigotry.

However, the novel gets unnecessarily long towards the middle as the plot veers off course and starts repeating itself. Even if the additional characters and subplots are intriguing, they take away from the primary storyline and give the second half of the book a disconnected feeling.

Despite this, it is an excellent book that explores the complexity of interpersonal relationships and what friendship entails. While its ending is also emotionally satisfying. The book ultimately comes together in a touching conclusion that connects numerous narrative lines.

The book has rightly received critical acclaim. Zevin’s method of representation is particularly admirable. She thoughtfully and subtly incorporates the identities of her characters while addressing themes like racism and disability. It is a remarkable novel that the readers will think about long after they have finished it.

Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow characters

  • Samson Mazer (Sam) – Protagonist. A video game developer.
  • Sadie Miranda-Green – Sam’s old friend.
  • Marx Watanabe – Sam’s roommate.
  • Anna Lee – Sam’s mother.
  • Dong Hyun – Sam’s grandfather. Anna’s father.
  • Bong Cha-Lee – Sam’s grandmother. Anna’s mother.
  • Steven Green – Sadie’s father.
  • Sharyn Friedman-Green – Sadie’s mother.
  • Freda – Sadie’s grandmother.
  • Alice Green – Sadie’s older sister.
  • Dov Mizrah – A professor and Sadie’s first boyfriend.

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Q. Is this novel based on a real story?

A. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow novel is not based on true events. Zevin wrote it after doing a lot of research into the history and culture of video games.

Q. What are the themes of the book?

A. Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow book addresses the themes of sexism, grief, creativity, and teamwork.

Q. What are the trigger warnings for the Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow book?

A. The novel contains depictions of gun violence, suicide, psychological abuse, homophobia, and non-consensual sexual encounters. Therefore this book is only suitable for mature adults who feel comfortable reading about such topics.

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