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Trust Book Club Questions and Discussion Ideas

‘Trust Book Club questions’ is the topic of this blog article. Here, we explore the fascinating world of “Trust,” a postmodern book by Hernan Diaz. We follow the lives of financier Andrew Bevel and his wife, Mildred, as they negotiate the intricacies of gender politics and the financial world in this story of wealth, power, and conflicting narratives.

Set against the backdrop of the stock market crash of 1929, Trust book unfolds through four distinct books. Each book presents a unique perspective on the characters and events. From the cold-blooded financier Benjamin Rask to the mysterious Mildred, the book questions our conceptions of relationships and trust.

Join us in this book club discussion as we explore the intricacies of the narrative and uncover the truths hidden within the pages of “Trust.”

Trust book club discussion questions:

Trust Book Club Questions and Discussion Ideas
Trust Book Club Questions

1. How does the novel’s structure, with four distinct books, contribute to your understanding of the characters and the story?

2. In Bonds, Benjamin Rask is portrayed as an asocial, dispassionate boy. How does his personality change throughout the novel, and what influences these changes?

3. Explore the role of wealth in the novel. How does Andrew Bevel’s wealth impact his life and relationships?

4. Discuss the gender politics presented in the novel. How are the characters influenced by societal expectations related to gender?

5. Helen and Rask’s marriage is described as passionless. How does their relationship evolve over the course of the narrative, especially considering the challenges they face?

6. What motivates Rask to short the market in anticipation of the 1929 crash, and how does this decision affect the characters and the society around them?

7. Helen’s mental health deteriorates over time. How do her experiences contribute to this decline, and what role does Rask play in her struggles?

8. Explore the theme of guilt in the novel, particularly in relation to Rask’s actions and Helen’s response to the economic hardships caused by the market crash.

9. How does the novel address the societal consequences of the Great Depression, and how do the characters react to being ostracized by society?

10. Discuss the character of Dr. Frahm and his unconventional treatment of Helen. How does this treatment impact the narrative, and what does it reveal about the attitudes toward mental health in the 1920s?

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11. Rask’s return to a solitary life after Helen’s death is a significant moment. How does this decision reflect on his character and the overarching themes of the novel?

12. Analyze the transition from Rask’s narrative to Andrew Bevel’s autobiography. How does Bevel’s perspective add to or challenge your understanding of the events?

13. Mildred is portrayed as a childlike homemaker in Bevel’s autobiography. How does the revelation in her journal, Futures, reshape your perception of her character?

14. Discuss the power dynamics between Andrew Bevel and Mildred. How does their collaboration shift over time, and what impact does it have on their relationship?

15. Explore the significance of Mildred’s decision to short the stock market, knowing she has terminal cancer. How does this choice shape the narrative and the characters’ fates?

16. Ida Partenza plays a crucial role in uncovering the truth about the Bevels. How does her perspective add layers to the story, and what challenges does she face in revealing the real Mildred?

17. How does the novel comment on the manipulation of history and truth, as seen through Bevel’s attempts to erase Mildred’s true self?

18. In what ways does the novel depict the intersection of personal and national interests, especially in the context of the financial world?

19. Reflect on the theme of legacy in the novel. How do the characters grapple with their pasts, and what impact does it have on their present lives?

20. Consider the symbolism of Mildred’s journal being titled “Futures.” How does this title encapsulate the themes of the novel, and what does it reveal about the characters’ perspectives on the future?

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As we come to the end of our exploration into “Trust,” we have dug into a complex story that questions our ideas about relationships, wealth, and trust. The story becomes more complex as a result of the conflicting viewpoints presented by different characters, challenging our conceptions of truth and history.

Hernan Diaz’s postmodern book takes us through the characters’ inner turmoil and the complexities of the business world. This leaves us to assemble a mosaic of perspectives.

Our ‘Trust book club discussion questions’ aim to spark thought-provoking discussions and deepen your understanding of the book. I hope you like reading it and that your faith in the story will continue to grow.

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