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26 Verity Book Club Questions For Discussion

In this post, we’re going to provide you with some Verity book club questions. You can use them at your next group meeting. This self-published novel by Colleen Hoover has captivated readers since its publication in 2018. A psychological thriller that explores the darkest depths of the human psyche.

Verity tells the story of author Lowen Ashleigh. She takes on the role of noted author Verity Crawford. Told from the perspectives of both Verity and Lowen, the novel explores themes of violence, trauma, and truth. As readers enter Verity’s twisted world, they are left with questions and thoughts.

To ease the exploration of this profound chronicle, book clubs can use a set of thoughtful questions. These questions will speed up your reading experience. They will also stimulate group discussion about complex themes and characters in the story.

Verity book club questions to discuss

26 Verity Book Club Questions For Discussion
Verity Book Club Questions

1. What role does grief play in the relationships of the characters in the book “Verity”? How does the author use it to advance the plot?

2. How does the relationship between Lowen and Jeremy develop throughout the book?

3. Jeremy and Lowen’s introduction occurs under unusual circumstances. They cross paths after witnessing a car accident that leaves Lowen covered in blood. And in an act of kindness, Jeremy offers her his shirt. What did your initial thoughts about the direction of their relationship in the novel from their encounter?

4. Why do you think Lowen and Jeremy’s relationship developed so quickly and intensely?

5. How does the discovery of Verity’s manuscript affect Lowen’s perception of Verity and Jeremy?

6. In what way do you believe reading Verity’s manuscript impacted Lowen’s emotions toward Jeremy? Have you ever had a situation where your perception of a person changed after seeing him from someone else’s point of view?

7. How does Verity’s portrayal in the manuscript differ from her portrayal in reality?

8. What is the significance of Verity’s writing exercise, “So Be It”?

9. What is the significance of Verity’s fixation on Lowen?

10. What is the dynamic between Jeremy and Verity prior to the events of the book?

11. How does Verity’s relationship with Harper and Chastin impact the events of the book?

12. How does the drowning of Harper affect the characters in the book?

13. Do you think Verity is a villain, or is there more to her character than meets the eye?

14. You looked at Verity’s behavior. Did her actions make you think she was guilty of child abuse and Harper’s murder? And if so, why does she stop herself from attacking Lowen or Jeremy?

15. What role does Crew play in the story? How does he impact the relationship between Lowen and Jeremy?

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16. How do the loss of Verity’s daughters and Lowen’s mother shape their experiences and perspectives?

17. Was Jeremy’s decision to have Lowen finish Verity’s books ethical? Why or why not?

18. Jeremy once revealed to Lowen that he had not read any of Verity’s books except her early manuscript. Because he doesn’t like to look into Verity’s psyche. What do you think of Jeremy’s reluctance to read Verity’s writings? How do you think the story might have turned out if Jeremy had been more familiar with his wife’s writing and talents?

19. How does Lowen’s traumatic experience as a child shape her character and actions in the novel?

20. What role does Corey, Lowen’s literary agent, and former lover, play in the book?

21. What is the significance of the scene where Lowen and Jeremy vow to never speak about what happened?

22. Were there any moments in the novel that made you feel uncomfortable or uneasy? Why?

23. How does the setting of Vermont contribute to the overall mood and atmosphere of the novel?

24. What themes or motifs did you notice throughout the novel? How do they contribute to the overall message of the story?

25. How does the book explore the concept of truth and the power of narratives in shaping perceptions?

26. Did you find the ending of the book satisfying or unsatisfying? Why? How does the ending challenge traditional notions of justice and morality?

These were the Verity book club questions, which we arranged for your discussion. And now we will recommend some more books by the same author for your next reading.

The Verity book club questions presented above will surely be useful for your group discussion. And your group meeting will be enjoyable.

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