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West With Giraffes Book Club Questions

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Welcome to this blog post about Lynda Rutledge’s West With Giraffes Book Club Questions. In this blog post, we’ll explore the fascinating world of Woodrow Wilson Nickel, a 17-year-old protagonist. He embarks on a remarkable adventure in 1938 America.

Woodrow’s voyage with two giraffes takes us on a thrilling excursion from the Dust Bowl to the West Coast. The historical background, character development, and enduring power of love and resilience are all present in the novel.

We will learn the importance of animal rights as we read this engaging historical fiction novel. We will explore the impact of the 1938 setting on character development, as well as the themes of love, hope, resilience, and remembrance. So let’s get started with our insightful book club questions that will help you understand “West With Giraffes” on a deeper level.

West With Giraffes book club questions

West With Giraffes Book Club Questions
West With Giraffes Book Club Questions

1. What impact did Woodrow’s experience in the Dust Bowl have on his decision to go cross-country with the giraffes?

2. What aspects of Woodrow’s character development are affected by the historical context of 1938 America throughout the book?

3. This novel is narrated from the first-person point of view. How does this heighten the reader’s interest in Woodrow’s adventure and personal growth?

4. Discuss the importance of animals as a central theme in the novel. Especially with regard to the advocacy of animal rights.

5. How does Augusta “Red” Lowe’s friendship with Woodrow help him on his journey and character development?

6. Explore the difficulties and obstacles that Woodrow faces as he travels across the country in the giraffe rig. How do these challenges represent the era?

7. Discuss the themes of financial greed and animal abuse as you analyze the conflict between Riley Jones and Percival. How does this conflict affect Woodrow’s decisions?

8. How does Woodrow’s encounter with the segregated Black community challenge his initial prejudices? And how does this interaction transform his biases?

9. Discuss the theme of empathy in the novel. As Riley sets an example of compassion when he forgives Woodrow. What does this make you think of Riley’s character?

10. How does Red’s presence and dedication to her photo essay help Woodrow’s journey and personal growth?

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11. Examine the significance of Woodrow’s traumatic past, especially the shooting incident with his father and the guilt surrounding his family’s demise. What effects does this have on his choices and actions throughout the course of the novel?

12. What do you think of Woodrow’s journey through the panhandle? Discuss Woodrow’s fear of going back there and the disturbing memories it evokes.

13. Explore the theme of sacrifice. Consider how Red’s actions during the flash flood and her eventual return to her husband illustrate the subject.

14. How does Woodrow’s involvement in World War II affect his perspective and personality after his return?

15. Discuss how the author presents the themes of loss and mortality. Especially in the context of Woodrow’s life, as all his loved ones pass before him.

16. What do you think is the significance of Woodrow’s decision to share Red’s story with her daughter? What does this tell us about his dedication to storytelling and memory?

17. Woodrow begins working as a grave digger at the end of the novel and goes to see the thriving giraffes. How does this conclusion bring forth a sense of completion and resolution?

18. Discuss the importance of hope and resilience as recurring themes in the book. How does the author present these themes through Woodrow’s journey?

19. Examine how the novel depicts love in all of its different forms. Think about Woodrow’s interactions with the giraffes, Red and Riley. What do you call these relationships?

20. Discuss the story’s greatest lesson or moral, in light of the story’s historical context and themes of hope, love, resilience, and remembrance.

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We have prepared these “West With Giraffes” book club questions with a lot of effort. You will definitely find them useful.

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