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What Is Run Rose Run Book About? Some Questions

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Want to know What is Run Rose Run book is about? Here’s what you need to know about this beautiful novel by one of the world’s most famous entertainers and authors! and why you should pick up your own copy today!

Some questions and answers about the Run Rose Run book

What is the genre of this book?

These are the genres of the book: Thrillers, Suspense, and Southern Fiction.

Who is the author of the Run Rose Run book?

Dolly Parton and James Patterson are the authors. James is one of the world’s bestselling authors and storytellers. While Dolly has been writing for over six decades, this is her first novel.

You can check out James Patterson’s books here.

What is the Run Rose Run book about?

Run Rose Run is a thriller by Dolly Parton and James Patterson. The story revolves around a young woman who is a promising singer. But she is running away from something or someone. Because she knows she has to run for her life.

She is passionate about doing whatever it takes to stay alive. The book opens with our main character, Rose, in Nashville, trying to establish herself as a country singer and songwriter. She is talented and has a great voice, but she is running from her abusive past.

How well do you know Dolly Parton?

Dolly Parton is a world-renowned singer, songwriter, actress, and businesswoman. She has composed over 3,000 songs. She is the only woman who has placed a single in the top 20 in every decade from the 1960s to the present.

If you’re an avid fan of the Queen of Country Music, then there is no doubt that you know she has written many hit songs. Some of the most popular songs are Jolene and 9 to 5. Another popular song was I Will Always Love You. This song was later made famous by Whitney Houston in The Bodyguard.

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Parton has also starred in films such as The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas and Steel Magnolias. In recent years, she has focused on her Dollywood theme park and Dollywood Foundation. They provide books to children in need.

But did you know that Parton also writes books? Recently, she worked with the prolific suspense novelist James Patterson. In partnership with James, she wrote the book Run Rose Run, and it’s pretty good!

How did Dolly start writing this novel?

The origin of the book was a proposal from Patterson to Parton. And she accepted as long as she could get fully involved in the project. “I don’t like to put my name on anything I haven’t really contributed to. I told him that I had always wanted to write something about Nashville, a city that I can say I know well”.

She further says: “Writing or thinking about a song or a book is not that different. When you do it for a novel, you don’t have to worry as much about the rhyme. You have more freedom since you don’t have to reduce the story to two and a half minutes of a song that they can put on the radio”.

The novel also represents her musical comeback in 2020 after the Christmas album. She has also released an album of the same title. The album features songs that reflect the adventures of the main character of the story.

What is the summary of Run Rose Run?

We all know Dolly Parton and her music has been loved by thousands of fans all over the world. And this time, along with bestselling author James Patterson, she brings us a new story, Run, Rose, Run.

In this book, she introduces us to AnnieLee Keyes aka Rose. Rose is a promising young country star but she is trying to escape her abusive past. She has a doll-like face and a voice that will amaze you.

A thriller starring a young singer and songwriter. She will do whatever she can to survive and achieve the success that has caused her so many headaches. An impetuous story that is full of risks and desires. The book follows Rose as she tries to get into the music industry, while also trying to keep her past a secret.

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Rose is a promising musician who sings about the hard life that she has left behind. And she is running away. She arrives in Nashville to claim her destiny. And in Nashville, she could find the darkness from which she had escaped and was destroyed.

One night she meets Ruthanna Ryder, the country queen. Ruthanna bets on her that she will record her debut album with one of the best record companies. While Ethan Blake, who is a passionate guitarist, has also trusted her since the time he met her.

All is not rosy, as a secret from her past hangs over her, threatening her bright future. Throughout the book, readers will see how far Rose is willing to go to achieve her dreams.

Is this novel by Dolly Parton based on a true story?

The novel is fictional. But it has been inspired by many of Parton’s experiences since she released her first album, Hello, I’m Dolly, in 1967.

“Found plenty of inspiration in my own musical journey, with all its ups and downs, tears and joys. After so many years, it can be said that I have been through everything”. Says an artist who, apart from being a singer and songwriter, knows how to be successful in other facets. Such as producers, philanthropists, businesswomen, or actresses.

Is Run Rose Run a book about Dolly Parton?

The novel has two main characters, Annie Lee Keyes and Ruthanna Ryder. According to Parton, both characters have a lot of her. “Ruthanna is in the phase that I am in now, being able to advise younger people and having her own studio”.

Check out the video from The Kelly Clarkson Show below. Dolly Parton and James Patterson are talking about the Run, Rose, Run novel in this video:

Is Run Rose Run going to be a movie?

Dolly Parton announced on social media that a feature film will be made on the Run, Rose, Run novel. She said that they would work on the movie adaptation of the novel. Their partners will be Sony Pictures and Reese Witherspoon’s media company Hello Sunshine.

How many pages are in the Run Rose Run novel?

The hardcover has 448 pages.

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Is Run Rose Run a good book?

Full of wonderful characters Run Rose Run is a fun and entertaining read. You will find a little bit of suspense, drama, and even some romance. The plot is set in Nashville which you will definitely like.

Because of Dolly’s influence, it also gives you a chance to peek into the world of music. That’s why the emphasis is on the music scene rather than the thrilling element of the plot. But it is still worth reading. It’s a story that stays with you all day, making you worry about what will happen next in the story if you have to put it down.

Is Run Rose Run on Kindle?

Yes, you can check it out via the link below:

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