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Bobbie Goods Coloring Book Online

If you are looking for a coloring book that is cute, cozy, and creative, you might want to check out the Bobbie Goods Coloring Book series online. Bobbie Goods is a brand that offers delightful and nostalgic products. They offer coloring books, stickers, bags, and art cards. The brand was founded by Bobbie, an illustrator and designer. She loves to draw and color the world of Bobbie Goods.

Bobbie Goods Coloring Book: A Review

Book Review

The Bobbie Goods Coloring Book series consists of different editions, each with a unique theme and style. The latest edition is the This & That Coloring Book ’23. This book features 20 full coloring pages of various scenes and objects, such as a bakery, a library, a garden, and a tea party. The pages are perforated, so you can easily tear them out to share or frame. The paper quality is premium, and thick enough for markers and other coloring tools. The book also comes with a freebie sticker and a coloring checklist to keep track of your progress.

The previous edition was the Fall-Winter Coloring Book ’22. This book was perfect for the colder months, but still enjoyable all year round. It had 20 full coloring pages of cozy and festive scenes, such as a fireplace, a snowman, a pumpkin patch, and a Christmas tree. The book also had perforated pages, premium paper quality, a freebie sticker, and a coloring checklist.

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The Bobbie Goods Coloring Book series is suitable for people of all ages, from kids to adults. The illustrations are adorable, detailed, and relaxing. They are designed to spark your imagination and creativity, as well as to provide you with a fun and soothing activity. You are free to use your own coloring methods and colors to customize the pages. To see Bobbie’s coloring tips and inspiration, you can also follow her on Instagram at @bobbiegoods.

The Bobbie Goods Coloring Book series is available online on the official website of Bobbie Goods, as well as on Amazon. You can also find other products from the brand, such as stickers, bags, and art cards, on the website. The coloring books are a great gift idea for yourself or your loved ones, especially if you are looking for something unique and charming.

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Q: How much does the Bobbie Goods Coloring Book cost?

A: Fall-Winter Coloring Book ’22 and This & That Coloring Book ’23 both cost 22 dollars. Depending on the vendor and the delivery costs, the pricing could change.

Q: How can I get a free coloring page from Bobbie Goods?

A: By emailing hello@bobbiegoods.com with proof of purchase for any of the company’s products, you can receive a free coloring paper from Bobbie Goods. A digital download of a coloring page that isn’t in the books will be sent to you.

Q: How can I learn to draw like Bobbie Goods?

A: By practicing Bobbie Goods’ next book, How to Draw Super Cute Things with Bobbie Goods, you may learn how to draw like her. This book offers detailed directions and examples to help you create very cute artwork by drawing and coloring.

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Q: How long does it take to color a page from the Coloring Book?

A: A page from the Bobbie Goods Coloring Book may be colored in anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour, depending on your coloring style and speed. You may either set a time limit for yourself and enjoy the process, or you can push yourself to finish a page faster.

Q: What kind of coloring tools do you recommend for the Bobbie Goods Coloring Book?

A: Any type of tools for coloring you choose, such as watercolors, markers, crayons, and colored pencils, are fine. But we advise choosing coloring tools of the highest quality and most vivid kind, such as the Bobbie Goods Coloring Pencils Set, which includes 36 colors in the Bobbie Goods palette. Another option is the Bobbie Goods Coloring Markers Set, which comes with 24 blendable and smooth colors.

Q: Can I share my colored pages from the Bobbie Goods Coloring Book online?

A: They would be happy to see your colored pages from the Bobbie Goods Coloring Book shared online, so sure! You may use the hashtag #bobbiegoodscoloring or tag them with @bobbiegoods on Instagram. Additionally, you may interact with other Bobbie Goods fans and exchange coloring tips by joining their Facebook page, Bobbie Goods Coloring Club. You can even win some prizes or be featured on their social media pages!

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